#ElijahMclain was killed by police and the systemically racist criminal justice system is covering it up. Here is what happened. (Thread)
@AuroraPD dispatched units to respond to a 911 call about a man that “looked suspicious” because he was wearing a ski mask as he walked home.

This was an unlawful stop. #ElijahMcClain did exactly what he had the right to do under the law— end the encounter and go home.
When the cops obstructed Elijah’s path & “went hands on” this was a crime. Without justification they were just men with guns assaulting a citizen. Their actions ultimately resulted in Elijah’s death. When someone dies during the course of a crime it is considered felony murder.
Elijah was wrestled to the ground, placed in a choke hold and injected with a tranquilizer. He suffered a heart attack as a result and died from his injuries.
The coroner’s report listed the cause of death as unknown. He had 3 options (homicide, suicide, natural causes). It wasn’t suicide. Natural causes means he would have died regardless. Homicide means the actions of others caused his death.

This was homicide.
DA Dave Young says he “disagrees” with what the cops did but the coroner report won’t allow him to pursue charges.

That’s a lie. He doesn’t want to pursue charges. If he did— this wouldn’t be the easiest case he ever tried because of the inept pathologist, but he could convict.
He doesn’t want to pursue charges because he has to work with the local PD.

Feds should handle all excessive force cases but the current law does not allow for federal charges.

The law needs to change. #EndQualifiedImmunity and modify section 242 to include “reckless” conduct.
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