nobody “cancelled” Jenna Marbles. Jenna made good content, but also racist content in the past and was held accountable for it by her black viewers. she decided to leave herself. it is far too often that blatant and harmful racism is part of white people’s growth and past.
many famous original YouTubers made anti black content in the past. Ryan Higa, Shane Dawson, etc. many nonblack people have antiblackness ingrained into their “past experiences” and it is time to question why y’all expect Black people to accept this.
yes, you can pat people on the back and acknowledge their growth. but it is highly unfair that Black people had to die, suffer, and hurt *loudly* and *repeatedly* in order for nonblack to know that our pain exists.
in fact, I find it insulting that more people are concerned about Jenna Marbles being emotional over being held accountable, than they are that Black people had to experience that pain in the first place AND wait many years for the pain to be acknowledged.
Jenna Marbles will be okay. Jenna Marbles will still have her wealth, her accolades, and her comfort. Black people, however, have intrinsically gained nothing from Jenna Marbles leaving YouTube because she already profited off the blackface and accidental racism and etc.
AND LET ME NOT GET STARTED on The Sentient Skeleton Named Jefree Star
but here is the million dollar question.... why do white people think that THEY are in charge of forgiving OTHER white people for things they did to black people?
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