Thread: This is extremely important context for the debate about police in schools.

Most educators support the presence of armed police officers in their school districts, according to a new @educationweek survey:
At the same time, educators are more likely than the general population to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. And in Ed. Week's survey, 83% of white educators say they support BLM, compared to 61% of the white population in general.
When asked if armed police officers in their district's schools treat students of color fairly, the overwhelming majority of educators in Ed. Week's survey said: Yes. That's despite some evidence to the contrary.

By "overwhelming" I mean over 90%.
So, are some educators "telling on themselves" by saying they support #BlackLivesMatter , while also supporting armed police in their schools and believing that armed police treat students of color fairly?

I'm curious about what people think.
Then again, in the survey, more than half of educators said they believed there would be more deaths from school shootings if armed police officers were removed from schools.

Any way, read the survey results and accompanying story. They're important.
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