As Magerman points out, Mercer is an anti-democracy conspiracy nutter who actually has the money to harm our government and institutions. Here, Cambridge Analytica @chrisinsilico shows how he did it.
As soon as the anti-quarantine rallies began, I knew Robert Mercer was back writing checks again. He just couldn’t help himself.
Those concerned about the theft of our democratic freedoms should not rest easy until we know why Trump-Bannon backer Robert Mercer, who financed Cambridge Analytica, anti-science orgs, Breitbart, Citizens United and radicalized GOP extremists, has so much in common with Putin.
Mercer knew what he was doing with Cambridge Analytica. The data wars are ongoing.
Pushermen sell hate and a fear.
I was such a sweet kid when I launched my petition three years ago to mandate we see all the 2016 ads peddled by Cambridge Analytica, Trump, and Putin.
Fake rallies, real deaths.
More sunlight please.
Wherever you find a honky peddling hate, fear, and bigotry, you’ll find a criminal hiding his financial corruption.
Distracting from financial corruption with strongarm tactics is old as dirt.
Putin trying to stay in power til 2036 because as a criminal, he has few alternatives.
Mercer gotta use his cash to keep Trump in power because if @RepAdamSchiff becomes AG, he is f*cked.
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