It was an interesting week in Harrisburg: there’s new GOP leadership in the #PAHouse and a new speaker. Here’s the latest from our Political Director @katdawblu with highlights from our ‘17-’18 Environmental Scorecard
The new House Speaker is @RepBryanCutler who has a lifetime environmental score of 21%. He could improve his score by working on policy with orgs like @chesapeakebay to do more to clean up the Susquehanna in his district and others.
The new Majority Leader is Rep. Kerry Benninghoff who has a lifetime environmental score of 12%. He could work with our friends @CleanH20PA to address #PFAS, lead, and other water contamination risks in his district and the state to increase his score.
The new Majority Whip is Rep Donna Oberlander who has a lifetime environmental score of 15%. She could improve her score by working with our coalition partners @PAGrowGreener to save environmental funds that could help places like the White’s Woods Nature Center
Bonus: BIG congratulations to environmental champion @RepRabb for having his police accountability law passed in the House because #BlackLivesMatter - thanks Rep. Rabb and the @PALegBlkCaucus!
We mentioned lifetime environmental scores for the new #PAHouse leadership.
Our Scorecard rates each member of the #PASenate & House on actions taken to protect the environment in the commonwealth.
Check out the ‘17-’18 Scorecard here: 
Now that it looks like there will be a break for the summer, we’re getting ready to release a NEW PA Environmental Scorecard in a few weeks for 2019-2020!
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