1.Consider this: Trudeau was born to a Father who was aggressive, arrogant and rude. His mother is a mentally ill, nymphomaniac. He is illegitimate, child of divorce and division with no guidance or structure in his life. He has a propensity to criminality, clearly dysfunctional
2. Trudeau; Yet he portrays himself as the ultimate man and father. He is a total train wreck of a person who went unnoticed for almost 10 years until he was taken up, scrubbed and marketed as the UNICORN savior. He commands zero respect most people ignore his silly daily chats.
3.Trudeau; All world leaders, even those of the same political persuasion, cheer and mock him. Most Canadians divorce themselves from the fact he is supposed to represent us.
He has nefarious liaisons with pedophiles, murderers and terrorists.
4. Trudeau; He refuses to honor or respect truly noble acts of courage always taking up the banner for the criminal cabal.
He is nothing but a show horse that is now tattered and dilapidated and needs to be confined to the dustbin of history where he will quickly be forgotten.
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