#summerofcycling goes on:
👉Pop-up bike lanes are the new kids on the block. 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️
An incomplete summary. Thread ⬇️.
cont'd: Pop-up bike lanes (or emergency bike lanes) are temporary cycling infrastructure to help cyclists to maintain spatial distance to minimise the risk of infection and relieve public transport.
@Felix_Weisbrich on #TUMITV about the concept:
cont'd: The City of Berlin 🇩🇪 developed so called traffic regulation plans for quick implementation. Companies specializing in road marking are familiar with this type of template and work from construction sites, using markings and cones. Templates: https://www.berlin.de/sen/uvk/_assets/verkehr/verkehrsplanung/radverkehr/regelplaene_radverkehrsanlagen.pdf
cont'd: The wider planning process is elaborated in this guide ”Making Safe Space for Cycling in 10 Days: A Guide to Temporary bike lanes from Berlin”:
https://mobycon.com/updates/a-guide-to-temporary-bike-lanes-from-berlin/ #summerofcycling
cont'd: Pop-up bike lanes have attracted widespread international application: http://pedbikeinfo.org/resources/resources_details.cfm?id=5209; and as the Mayor of Tirana put it: “Pop-Up-Bike-Lanes are fast, cheap and safe! If it can be done in Tirana, Albania - it can be done anywhere!“: .
cont'd: Costs: Berlin estimates 9,500 Euro/km, Bogota about 5,500 ERU/km; costs are depending on local circumstances, quality etc. https://twitter.com/TUMInitiative/status/1268268269636591617 #summerofcycling
cont'd: Examples: Brussels 🇧🇪: https://twitter.com/StefanLeifert/status/1275700624085209088 #summerofcycling
cont'd: Examples: Tirana 🇦🇱 : https://twitter.com/erionveliaj/status/1259368264582549504
cont'd: Examples: Paris 🇫🇷: https://twitter.com/ParisEnSelle/status/1275693041748185091
cont'd: Examples: CDMX 🇲🇽 : https://twitter.com/Siete24mx/status/1267828043780747268
cont'd: Examples: Bogotá 🇨🇴: https://twitter.com/nico_estupinan/status/1239533223841009664
cont'd: Examples: Rome 🇮🇹: https://twitter.com/francis_rojo_/status/1275434845045317632
cont'd: Examples: Izmir 🇹🇷: https://twitter.com/PinarPinzuti/status/1271136571492904963
cont'd: Examples: New York 🇺🇸: https://twitter.com/George_Ranalli/status/1276203929567744003
cont'd: Additional resources: https://streetmix.net/  is an appropriate, free tool for first visualisations and to support policy dialogues in our partner cities. It now includes COVID-19-related features. @streetmix #summerofcycling
cont'd: Additional resources: https://qimby.net/  hosts free pictures of pop-up bike lanes in Berlin #summerofcycling
cont'd: Resources: We have started to develop an article on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pop-Up_Bike_Lane; feel free to add and amend #summerofcycling
cont'd: End of thread⬆️: Pop-up bike lanes are the new kids on the block:
👉Feel free to add additional information, knowledge and pictures/videos.
👉And don't forget: Let’s celebrate the #summerofcycling ☀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️☀️. #wearetransport
cont'd: The scientific service of the German Bundestag (Parliament) has published a legal opinion on pop-up bike lanes #summerofcycling: https://www.bundestag.de/resource/blob/704000/6ae550c8cbdf2a7226ed77b10cd37c39/WD-7-074-20-pdf-data.pdf 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️✅
cont'd: Design guidelines for pop-up bike lanes in Mexico City #CDMX 🇲🇽: #Movilidad4S @SEDATU_mx @INAFED_Mx @OPSOMSMexico #Ciclovíasemergentes @LaSEMOVI https://twitter.com/alelealv/status/1278728920276312064
cont'd: Updates from Sydney via @PopupCycleway : Henderson road #SpaceForHealth
cont'd: ...indeed as Sheffield shows, the creation of 'Pop-Up' walking & cycling facilities seems to be a contentious issue but it is interesting to see @TfL statistics that walking & cycling can BOOST spending by up to 30%! 🚶‍♀️🚲💰🛍️👍 via @BikeWalkScoot
cont'd: Mobility transition is hand craft. Temporary bike street in Berlin becomes permanent, via @Felix_Weisbrich
cont'd: Nice addition to pop-up bike lanes: Pop-up cycle hubs for keyworkers and jobseekers! FREE cycle training and simple bike repairs at Lenton and Bulwell check out http://www.sustransaccess.org.uk  for more info , via @SustransEMids
cont'd: Update from Paris via @briceperrin Rue de Rivoli, Paris, 7 juillet 2020 à 8h45.
cont'd: #SaturdayMotivation by @Lucyincanada: "I am here for little girls cycling side by side content. Here’s one I prepared earlier, also made possible by protected bike lanes (albeit a Covid-19 pop-up separated lane...)"
cont'd: Update from Liverpool via @Phil__Marshall Liverpool temporary cycle lanes become a little more permanent -
cont'd: Update from Croydon, London via @cyclegaz : "Not only have parking spaces been removed on both sides of the road by @yourcroydon they have also installed wands!"
cont'd: Updates from Sydney via Lord Mayor @CloverMoore:" In May, we announced six pop-up cycleways.

We did this as an urgent response to the Covid-19 crisis; to connect our network of cycleways and give people another option to travel."
cont'd: Further update from Liverpool via @edwardlamb: " 📣 Pop-up bike lanes Liverpool

@lpoolcouncil, you didn't have to do what you did, but you did, but you did ... and I thank you 👏

@merseycyclist @siobridg @Chris_Boardman @bricycle #ZZtop "
cont'd: Update from Melbourne via @corkers898 : "Before & After of Elizabeth Street (Richmond)
@YarraCouncil protected bike lanes complete in under 4 weeks!
cc @yarrabike @bikemelbourne @bicycle_network @MelbourneWay "
cont'd: Reflections by @PJUllrich on pop-up bike lanes and planning paradigms (German language only); plus: The video shows the real challenge: One lane on main street dedicated just for parking... https://twitter.com/PJUllrich/status/1284753809919610880
cont'd: Updates from Madrid 🇪🇸 via @madridcycleinf https://twitter.com/madridcycleinf/status/1284916034995204096
cont'd: Great #VirtualSafari of pop-up cycle lane from @MCRCycleSam via @GBCycleEmbassy https://twitter.com/GBCycleEmbassy/status/1284890194152431616
cont'd: Numerous arguments against pop-up bike lanes in Munich - main thrust: Bike lanes cause congestion (German language only): https://twitter.com/BILD_Muenchen/status/1285089788803141642
cont'd: Cycling is a very efficient mode of transport, and uses little space (compared to other modes). Are there any data available for capacities/actual use of pop-up bike lanes? 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️
cont'd: Update from Brussels 🇧🇪🇪🇺 via @elkevdbrandt https://twitter.com/elkevdbrandt/status/1285178229368782848
cont'd: Update from Boston via @Mattapan_ONS ‼️🚘ATTENTION: We are testing a calmer, safer traffic design on Cummins Highway, starting around July 20. There will be one driving lane in each direction, except at intersections.
MORE: http://boston.gov/cummins-highway 
cont'd: Ingredients of political debates "Nimbys are putting the brakes on our cycling revolution", says @thetimes
cont'd: Update from @GlasgowCC Work is starting on Cumbernauld Road’s pop-up cycle lanes, created through our #SpacesForPeople programme which is providing additional space for physical distancing as lockdown restrictions ease: http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/26073 
cont'd: Update from Boston via @BostonBTD: Pop-up bike lanes are being installed this evening downtown as part of #HealthyStreetsBOS! Family-friendly *and* commuter-friendly! Learn more: http://boston.gov/healthy-streets  #teambtd #StillHere
cont'd: Further update from Boston via @saseskin 🌙🚲💆🏼‍♀️
cont'd: Further update from Sydney via @CloverMoore : The Pitt Street pop up cycleway and footpath is now open: #wearetransport #summerofcycling
cont'd: Update from Cardiff via @CardiffbyBike #VirtualSafari ride-through of the impressive pop-up cycle lane on Castle Street in Cardiff (followed by an upgrade to the Blackweir cycleway)
cont'd: Update from Leicester via @OweniteAdam: ‘tube map’ of 10 miles of pop-up cycling & walking routes: http://www.widenmypath.com/leicester 
cont'd: Update from Nantes 🇫🇷, with interesting concrete-based technology , via @CMobilite @PAVelo_Nantes
cont'd: More footage from Boston via @berkie1 : "Quick ride around 1.5 mi of the tactical protected bike network that were installed overnight last night in Boston as the start of @marty_walsh #HealthyStreetsBOS. "
cont'd: New campaign by @WeRideAustralia "In 2020 we're all travelling differently
We're seeing the World differently
Let's not give that" - great inspiration for other cities.
cont'd: Ideas and guidance for pop-up infrastructure by @NatlMainStreet and @AARPLivable's "Pop-Up Placemaking Tool Kit with step-by-step instructions!" http://ow.ly/Em7650AFuIL 
cont'd: Global challenges via @cyclAbel: #coronapiste (french for pop-up bike lane) à midi et demi sur la RN3 à Pantin le 21 juillet 2020
cont'd: Update from Puebla/Mexico via @MovilidadPue : "Seguimos conectando las #CiclovíasEmergentes 🚲🚴

👷🏽🚸 Nuestro equipo de cuadrillas, realiza trabajos de señalamiento horizontal en la 25 poniente entre 11 sur y 9 sur.
cont'd: Update from Rennes/France via @RzhBuan :" #coronapiste qui complète la bidir vers Vern côté Rennes.
La réalisation est pas mal, c'est une agréable surprise.
Bravo @metropolerennes"
cont'd: From Boston via @BikeMilton : Boston is installing pop-up protected bike lanes on Cummins Hwy in Mattapan this morning as part of their #HealthyStreetsBOS program!"
cont'd: Pop-up tunnels? via @schlijper Underpass, formerly used for car traffic at Voie Pompidou.

14.07.2020 17:42 #paris #bikePAR #cycling
cont'd: Update from Dublin 🇨🇮 via @deptinfra : Infrastructure Minister @NicholaMallon pops on her bike for Belfast pop up cycle lanes. New pilot lanes on the Dublin, Grosvenor and Crumlin Roads are designed to encourage active travel.
cont'd: From Puebla/Mexico: via @MovilidadPue: "¿Sabías qué?
Los carriles de las calles donde estarán las #CiclovíasEmergentes, están señalizados de la siguiente manera.

Ayúdanos a respetar el espacio de cada medio de transporte."
cont'd: From Bogota via @aceromora : "Así como cuando las ciclovías temporales en Bogotá se convierten en ciclorrutas permanentes, bien alcaldesa @ClaudiaLopez.

@nico_estupinan @blancaduranh, saludo a todos los funcionarios que le ponen el alma. "
cont'd: More news from Madrid via @madridcycleinf (thread): We have more pop-up cycle lanes in Madrid!

This one, in Méndez Álvaro Street, is a 850m long cycle lane in a 2-ish km long streeet. https://twitter.com/juanriaza/status/1285860783755268104
cont'd: From Toluca/Mexico via @Gabriel_MedinaP : Hoy colectivos ciclistas del #EdoMex pintaron un tramo de #CicloviaEmergente de la calle 5 de mayo. @BiciManager @arelibiciteka @SEDATU_mx @xtrevi
cont'd: Traffic safety questions in Paris via @legrandvitruve :+ accidents PIETONS fauchés aux passages cloutés #coronapistes
cont'd: Again from Paris: BEFORE/AFTER via @Transxte : Paris. Y la vida sigue. Sigue aún mejor.
cont'd: From Miami via @BikeWalkMB : "Work has begun on the #WashingtonAve pop-up bike lane in #MiamiBeach.

It's likely to take 1+ weeks & will involve *restriping* the roadway. "
cont'd: From Sydney via @CloverMoore : The Burren Street cycleway is now open!
cont'd: Nice feature by @heredev showing social distancing pop-up bike lanes that newly opened in several European cities during #COVID19. Explore the map here (BEFORE/ AFTER): https://t.her.is/2EoFc39  #socialdistancing #bikelanes
cont'd: More from Boston via @Kris_W_Carter:" If you've been waiting for a side-by-side ride-along of the downtown #HealthyStreetsBOS lanes... @BostonBTD and @BostonPWD dropped a lot of orange barrels to increase the comfort of this ride by 300% (approx)"
cont'd: via @bbc5live 🗣️'A moral imperative'

Former Olympic Champion @Chris_Boardman, talks pop up cycle lanes and the government's plan to boost cycling and walking with @krishgm

🎧Listen via @BBCSounds
cont'd: From Puebla via @MovilidadPue: https://twitter.com/MovilidadPue/status/1288287697191219203?s=19
cont'd: via @berkie1 "A used tire, a jigsaw, a drill, and a few bolts. Those are the basic components of a simple new barrier to separate car traffic from bike lanes."
cont'd: From Berlin (Oberbaumbrücke) via @autofreiberlin #summerofcycling
cont'd: From Puebla/Mexico https://twitter.com/MovilidadPue/status/1288857168985325568?s=19
cont'd: From Rosario 🇦🇷 via @lichuzeno: " Video que muestra 2 decretos de nuestra autoría concretados en relación a avanzar en una ciudad para las personas ➡️ bajamos la VELOCIDAD MÁXIMA a 60 km/h y sumámos CICLOVÍA TEMPORAL en BV. RONDEAU"
cont'd: From Birmingham via @bhamconnected : "Details of our Emergency Transport Plan schemes just keep coming this week... we've now added some information about the 7 pop-up cycle lanes to be installed throughout August, starting from next week. 🤞 " https://covidmeasuresbirmingham.commonplace.is/overview 
cont'd: From Berlin via @use_platform https://twitter.com/use_platform/status/1289107363509817345?s=19
cont'd: From Brandon/Manitoba 🇨🇦 via @CityBrandon : Cyclists of #BdnMb, be sure to check out the pop-up bike lane coming soon to Pacific Ave, 1st to 18th St! https://www.brandon.ca/public-notices-details?var=5951
cont'd: Video from France via @EnviroMag 📽️ #Environnement TV propose une émission spéciale sur l'après- #COVID__19. Au programme : la détection du #virus dans les #eauxusées avec @eaudeparis et les "coronapistes" 🚲 à @montreuil ( @CeremaCom)
cont'd: From Glasgow via @GlasgowCC : 📣 Work is starting on Provanmill Road’s pop-up cycle lanes, created through our #SpacesForPeople programme 🚲 🚲 🚲

More 👉 http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/26074 
cont'd: From Boston via @LeeToma :"Thanks to @mattapanviv for organizing a group ride on the new #HealthyStreetsBOS #CumminsHwy pop-up protected bike lanes on Sunday! It is a huge improvement." (thread)
cont'd: Assessment of #coronapistes in Paris via @cyclAbel @isaduvelo :
Mes suggestions à @David_Belliard, à partir des succès et limites de cette expérience, pour réussir le projet de #Vélopolitain proposé par @MDBIDF et @ParisEnSelle

cont'd: #Servicetweet 🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲 Shortcut to first tweet of this rather long thread: https://twitter.com/TUMInitiative/status/1276407977130557442?s=19. This thread collects information about pop-up bike lanes worldwide, incl regulations, case studies, etc. Feedback appreciated.
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