As Delhi's number of #COVID19 cases now surpassed Mumbai, I am eagerly waiting for a clinical analysis like this from none other than Arvind Kejriwal
If you argue that Delhi is now testing more, don't look at that data in isolation with ramping up the tests in the last few days!

Look at other data points too...
The first rule of Corona is who tests, trace and isolate are having an edge over contain the virus!

If you up your ante at the last minute out of no choice, then throw the statistics for comparison.

Delhi was hiding its testing numbers for quite long too - don't forget these!
Of course, Maharashtra too were tested low in the beginning but once they seen the numbers increased, they increased their testing numbers manifold..

Go through the testing timelines of Mumbai and Delhi, it will reveal you more interesting facts rather than look odd data points.
Delhi's initial reluctantance to test, trace and isolate irrespective of the dire warnings from ICMR scientists about the impending danger in February end should be critically analysed.

Then their aversion to share info to public through their website was the most deplorable act
Why I say this?

Because AAP swear on transparency and change in political discourse.

So it is natural that complete transparency is expected from them than the rest!

But they were opaque and engaged in communal blame games to cover up their inefficiency!
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