And in other news, the time is near for our foster pup to give birth. She was surrendered by her owners to a shelter: 10 months old and pregnant. (No words) We have the supplies for her and supplies for us! Wish her / us luck!
She has a belly of babies, at least 9, possibly 11. He temperature has dropped 2F in the last 24hrs. This is going to be a fun night!
First one!
And the next
We have 5! Half way done!
And then there were 7! Mom’s doing great!
So many babies and she not done. We have 8.
I feel like I’m in a gremlins movie. They’re multiplying. Now 9. She still has more. Poor mom!
And that’s a wrap. 10 healthy puppies. I can’t feel anymore. Mom snuggled up with her pups.
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