Ladies, please choose men who won't require you to consider "what they're going through" as a result of your choice of birth control.
Ama mkae tu celibate btw.
- Often will cause excessive bleeding
- Could puncture your uterus
- Sometimes will cause you pain when you workout
- Is super uncomfortable to insert or remove

Then on top of that.
Think about what the man is going through.

Let's normalize condoms
Condoms not only prevent pregnancy, they also prevent STIs. Also, men pay for them. Normalize condom use.
I wasn't surprised that it was a male doctor recommending anticoagulants as a fix for birth control side effects. While condoms are right there.
I was on anticoagulants for 6 months cos of pulmonary embolism and DVT. Getting my blood drawn every 3 days for over 180 days and constantly worrying cos taking too much = internal bleeding. Taking too little = clotting.

I have reason to doubt that doctor's credentials.
Hormonal BC is brutal on our bodies. Brutal!

Normalise condom use.
A man who feels tickled by the IUD string should make the right choice and use condoms so you won't need an IUD.
This feeds to the conversation a few months ago about that lady who had 8 children.

If classed women are here negotiating which is most comfortable for men between BC that has
- Risk of clots, or
- Excessive bleeding, or
- Weight gain etc

Consider kwa ground vile vitu ziko
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