✨Not So Silent Night: A KiriBaku Thread✨
This thread is immediately NSFW so be prepared for that and as always...

Katsuki gasped loudly as he rocked down, his pussy clenching hard around Kirishima's dick as the male grinded up into him.

"Fuck, fuck, Kirishim-AH!"

"Fuuuuuck, you're so /tight/, Jesus, babe," The red head growls back, his hand clenching tight around his ass, helping him move.
It was God knows what time o'clock, and they'd both only woken up a few minutes ago, TV still on but muted, after being abandoned on the couch by their friends earlier that night. Normally they would have been awakened, but seeing as it was Christmas break, no bothered to do so.
It wasn't like they had class in the morning, so letting them sleep off schedule a little didn't seem like a big deal.

When they had eventually stirred from their slumber, it was dark and quiet, save for the gentle sound of snow falling outside the large windows next to them.
And that wasn't the only thing that was large.

Katsuki had smirked sleepily at his boyfriend as he'd pushed his hips forward underneath the blanket covering them, against his pulsing erection, making him flush with a choked gasp.

It was all downhill from there.
A few quick kisses.

A soft groan.

Hands roaming, dragging over familiar curves and dipping into loose clothing.

A high, breathless gasp of pleasure as they rut together slowly, letting their bodies come awake in the most natural of ways.
The two were aware of the fact that they were in the middle of the common room, but hormones quickly drowned out common sense after a few more kisses, both of them agreeing that it was too late for anyone to be coming back downstairs, but promising to keep quiet just in case.
It didn't take much longer after that for them to move to a better position, pushing blankets aside, Kirishima sitting against the couch cushions as Katsuki climbed into his lap, both already breathing harder at the thought of what was coming, leaking from their respective sexes.
Kirishima was wearing sleep pants, patterned with little open mouthed cartoon sharks, and Katsuki was wearing the loosest of basketball shorts, with his own grenade design stitched into the leg and nothing underneath, which means it didn't take much for them to get undressed.
If by 'undressed', you meant that Kirishima had simply tugged the top of his pants down under his balls while Katsuki'd pulled open the leg of his shorts, both of them simultaneously too eager to get fully naked while also being wary of being so exposed in such a public space.
But that little bit was more than enough, and twin groans of pleasure had filled the air when Katsuki'd sunk down onto his boyfriend's dick, his greedy insides gobbling up inch after pulsing inch of heated flesh.

Which brings us to where they are now.
"K-Kirishima," The blond whimpered, breathing hot into the skin of the other's neck as he grinds down /hard/, quivering at the feeling of his dick pressing against his g-spot.

They were in absolutely no rush, content with the slow pace they currently had.
Rarely did they take time to enjoy slow, mind numbing sex like this, and with such a perfect backdrop, it was hard to resist.

"God, you're so wet," Kirishima sighed, letting his head drop back against the couch behind him as Katsuki moves.
"Feels so fucking good..."

The blond moans softly, running both of his hands down the male's muscled torso, having lifted his shirt out of the way ages ago. Not off completely, but no longer blocking him from the intoxicating feeling of skin on skin.
Kirishima sighs again, his body lighting up and hips flexing as he feels thin, agile fingers circling and pinching his erect nipples, making Katsuki choke on a whine as his dick rubs him in just the right way.

"Oh, /fuck/-!"
"Fuck yeah," Kirishima whispers, peeking at the way his boyfriend's face twists in ecstasy with a smug grin. "Y'like that?"

"F-fuckin' asshole," Katsuki groans back, but he doesn't deny that it feels good, not when he knows Kirishima can tell by how tight he clenches down.
The red head's grin widens, and he reaches down with his free hand to grip the blond's other ass cheek, before using both hands to squeeze the fleshy globes tight and wiggle them violently.

Katsuki bites down on a yell, going cross eyed with pleasure.
He doesn't know why that particular move always feels so good, but it does. Something about the way it makes Kirishima's dick practically vibrate inside of him, pressing against all of his sweetest spots.

"Fuck, fuck, shit, you fuckin'-!"

The bastard sounds so fucking smug that he has absolutely no regrets about locking down his inner walls, clenching down around his lover's dick with a glare and a mean sneer.

"Think that's funny, do ya bastard?!"

"A-ah, wait, I'm sorry-!" Kirishima gasps out.
The ding of the elevator makes them both freeze.

Quicker than the blond is able to comprehend, the blanket is thrown over their bodies, fully covering both their indecency and his head to make it look as if the two are simply snuggled together enjoying a quiet winter night.
"Hello?" Kirishima whispers, loud in the silence.

"Kirishima?" a familiar voice whispers back.




There's a quick shuffle of two pairs of feet, and then Katsuki hears a soft 'fwump' as the duo plops down on the couch next to them.
"Sup," he hears Sero murmur, a bright grin in his voice.

"H-hey! What are you two doing down here?"

"Ah. Hitoshi called a little while ago and asked if he could come over, but we were asleep! And we didn't wanna doze off again waiting," Sero responded.
"So we came down here to wait for him," Denki finished.

'Stupid insomniatic bastard,' Katsuki thinks briefly before Sero speaks again.

"Why is Bakugou under the blanket? Isn't it hot?"

Kirishima fumbles a little bit before answering.
"A-ah, he's still sleeping, and I didn't want him to get cold! You know how he is."

Both males nod and agree immediately without question, well aware of the fits that the blond has when exposed to the winter air for too long.
"Well, Shinsou is getting an Uber to come here, so it shouldn't be longer than about twenty minutes. Mind if we watch some TV?"

"S-sure, just keep the volume low. I don't want him to wake up."

They agree, and soon the sounds of boring late night television fills the air.
Katsuki has /never/ wanted to punch his boyfriend so badly, and he pinches the shit out of his nipple in retaliation to their now awkward position.

Unfortunately, he forgot that Kirishima is into that, and the red head quickly reminds him by thrusting up with a stifled gasp.
It's a small thrust, barely noticeable, but it still catches the attention of the other two people in the room.

"You okay, Kirishima?"

"Leg cramp," He gasps back almost too quickly, stretching out one of his overly long legs with a grunt.
Pushing his hips up harder and harder until Katsuki has to stuff his shirt in his mouth and bite down to stop a wail as his dick grinds against his g-spot.

Luckily, this answer satisfies the two boys, and they go quiet once more.
But now Katsuki feels /challenged/.

'So it's gonna be like that, huh?' he thinks to himself darkly as his arms slither around Kirishima's waist and down his body to grip his ass tightly, grinning in sadistic glee when the red head immediately tenses.

Kirishima almost bites through his tongue when Katsuki's insides begin to /flex/, squeezing and convulsing around his dick like some kind of living being and making him shudder violently, which he plays off as the fakest cough in history when Denki glances over at him.
But like fuck is he gonna lose, now that the blond has thrown down the gauntlet, and he silently shifts the male in his lap closer while also beginning to rock his hips.


He glances up at Sero, putting a finger to his lips.
"Shh. He's waking up. I'm trying to rock him back to sleep."

More like trying to rock himself into an orgasm, but Sero and Denki only nod and shush themselves, focusing back on the TV.

Katsuki is shaking almost unnoticeably, his breath hot and shaky against Kirishima's chest.
Kirishima isn't just rocking back and forth willy nilly, he's angling his hips to give the blond the most pleasure with every movement, the head of his dick knocking against all of his most secret and deepest places, until Katsuki is so slick, it's drooling down his balls.
However Katsuki is nothing if not a sore loser, and he quickly evens the playing field by stuffing two fingers up the other's ass, still soft and wet with lube from earlier that afternoon.

Kirishima's arms lock tight around his body as he freezes mid thrust, trembling harshly.
They don't play like this often. Kirishima and Katsuki both prefer the red head being on top. But sometimes, a few fingers pressing against his prostate makes everything that much sweeter, and orgasms that much more powerful.

Just like this one is.
It shocks them both when he falls over the edge with a soft, broken noise of pleasured relief that gets buried under Denki's excited call of "He's here!", his dick pulsing a thick, warm load of cum deep into his clenching hole as he rubs his fingers against his prostate.
It's only when he feels the quick ripple of hardening across the skin of the other's arms that he stops, a pleased, smug as all hell grin on his face as Kirishima comes down from his high just in time for Shinsou to greet him with a bored sounding, "Sup."

"H-hey, Shinsou..."
The man lifts a quick, curious eyebrow before his face smooths out, and he gestures at Sero and Denki, who were just starting to settle back onto the couch.

"C'mon. Let's go to your room."


"But Isabella just realized her fiance is actually her evil step brother!"
"Are you really gonna put watching late night telanovellas over spending time with your boyfriend?!"

"She just put the poison in the pie!"

"There's a forbidden family treasure!"

"We can watch it in your /room/, just come on!"
They both groan, but heave themselves up after him, calling out quick goodbyes over their shoulders while Shinsou impatiently holds the elevator for them.

Katsuki pops out once he hears the doors slide shut, still grinning proudly.

"I win."
He doesn't expect the other to move so quickly, shoving him into the couch cushions as he looms over him, his body backlit by the light of the moon through the windows behind him.

"Like fuck you do."

Katsuki gasps loudly when Kirishima thrusts forward, his dick still half hard.

"You're so fucking wet like this," Kirishima cuts him off, his voice soft even though his eyes are bright and piercing, making his words catch in his throat. "Can you feel it?"

And he can feel it, squishy and warm where it spills out of him onto the blanket.

"I wish you could see what you look like," he continues, rubbing a large hand up his torso, cupping his soft chest and giving it a squeeze, thumbing the peaked nipple there. "See how fucking sexy you are."

He's getting hard again inside of him, his dick lengthening and stretching him once more, each thrust reaching deeper than the last with each rock of his hips.

His thoughts are stolen when Kirishima hikes his leg up, over his shoulder, opening him to his movements.
He always did have a hell of a refractory period, and but Katsuki doesn't think he's ever seen him (or felt him) get so hard so fast again after an orgasm.

"A-ah, shit!"

"You're so cocky," Kirishima continues to whisper, planting a solid foot on the floor for more leverage.
"And impatient. Couldn't even wait twenty minutes for our friends to leave the room."

He's thrusting harder, the squelch of his dick ramming in and out of Katsuki's pussy sounding loud in the quiet of the night, mixing with the faint sounds of the TV.
Katsuki is gasping now, soft noises of pleasure as his eyes flutter shut, reaching out to tangle one of his hands into the bottom of his boyfriend's shirt while his other reaches above his head to dig into the couch cushions.

"A-ah! Fuck! Kirishima!"
The red head just groans back, focused on fucking him into the couch as snow continues to fall outside.

Katsuki is getting louder, louder than what they'd both agreed was appropriate for this time of night, but he can't make himself be quieter.
Kirishima is literally fucking the sounds out of him, sweat dripping down his face. Then again, he isn't doing any better, soft grunts and groans slipping out of his own mouth each time he yanks the blond down on his dick.
And then Kirishima angles his hips /up/, slamming against his sweet spot with all of the force of a battering ram, forcing a loud cry from his throat.

But just as quickly as it leaves him, Kirishima is there, forcing most of it back with a rough kiss.

Their tongues swirl together in an aggressive yet familiar dance, swallowing each other's sounds as Kirishima continues to use him until Katsuki breaks away, a string of saliva stretching as far as it can before it snaps.
"H-harder," he groans, letting his head fall back, bouncing off the couch with each of Kirishima's thrusts.

The red head immediately obeys, hunching over his prone form with a groan as his hips begin to snap faster.

"Touch yourself," he pants roughly.
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He instantly slides his hand down between his legs, eager for his own orgasm.

The first slide of his fingers over his clit is /wet/, soaked with both Kirishima's sticky cum and his own slick, but it feels no less amazing because of it.
He shudders with a loud moan, swirling his fingers around the little nub in quick, uneven circles as Kirishima slams into him, their gasps and moans mixing in the night air.

The red head can tell that his boyfriend is getting close to his orgasm.
Can see it in the rapid flutter of his eyelashes and feel it in the quick, pulsing clench of his hole wrapped around him, hungry for each of his rapid thrusts.

Which means it's time to play.

With a wicked grin, he lets his dick on the next thrust.
Katsuki whines brilliantly when the length of his dick drags up his entire pussy, the head pressing hard and wet against his clit just enough to stimulate him, but not enough for really anything else.


"Sorry," he murmurs, fighting to wipe the smile off his face.
"It's really slippery."

The blond almost yells at him, but a rough push of Kirishima's dick back inside of him steals both his words and his breath, and he relaxes back against the couch with another, louder moan, his fingers beginning to move again.
Kirishima waits a little longer this time, until Katsuki is practically on the edge of cumming, before he does it again, hissing in sympathy when the blond wails softly, his hips twitching upwards needily.

"Fuck, sorry babe!"

"J-just get back in-!"
He doesn't let him finish his sentence, grunting as he sheaths himself in the other's eager insides once more, grinding all the way to the back of his pussy the way he knows he likes it.


"So I don't slip out again," he grunts, looking down between their bodies.
He can see the wetness of their combined juices in the soft light of the TV, and it makes him moan as he grinds forward one last time before resuming his punishing pace, listening once more for those perfectly pitched cries signaling Katsuki's end.
And man, the blond is /fighting/ for it, slamming his hips down aggressively on his dick as he rubs hard, fast circles around his clit, squeezing his eyes shut to concentrate fully on reaching his orgasm.

He almost feels bad when he pulls out again.

But not really.
Katsuki has to snatch his hands away from himself when they begin to smoke threateningly, his neck straining as he grits his teeth in annoyance.


"Shh! Jesus, Katsuki!"

"Fuck you too!"

Kirishima laughs softly, pressing a calming kiss to his shoulder.
"Maybe we should go to the room?"

"If your dick comes out of me again for anything other than my orgasm, I'm gonna blow it off."


His retort is cut off by Kirishima flipping him onto his hands and knees and lifting his round ass up into the air.
"There. Now it won't slip out again."

"Fuckin' /hurry/-!"

Kirishima hums, angling his hips to press against his soaked lips. A few quick slips and slides, and then he's gliding in slow and deep, pulling a low, throaty moan from his boyfriend's throat.
Katsuki feels almost jittery with need, his body shaking with repressed arousal and interrupted orgasms. He has to bury his face into the couch cushion to stop the overstimulated scream that wants to burst out of his throat as Kirishima begins to move.
Thrusting in hard and deep, only to pull out at a slow, almost agonizing pace before thrusting in once more, the slap of his hips against Katsuki's ass loud in the silence. Each thrust sends a shock of pleasure up his spine, causing short, whining cries to burst from his throat.
"Fuuuuuck, I love this position," Kirishima sighs, grinning with lust as he watches the male's ass bounce with each snap of his hips, rippling with the intensity of his movements. "Your ass is so fucking sexy like this."

Katsuki doesn't answer him, can't answer him.
Too busy trying to work his hips back, get the red head to move faster, harder than he is. But he had a solid grip on his hips, which means the blond isn't going anywhere until Kirishima wants him to.

"A-ah, fuck, Kirishi-!"

"Something wrong?"
He chokes on a whine, shuddering heavily when the tip of his dick presses tight and perfect against his g-spot before pulling away again.


"Here?" Kirishima murmurs, hitting exactly /not/ the spot that he'd just touched.


Katsuki sobs, a broken helpless sound, when Kirishima thrusts against the wrong place again, shoving in just as hard and deep as he was before, but without the added pleasure of hitting any of his good places.


"What's wrong?" the red head croons softly.
Reaching down with a large hand to pet his soft blond hair.

"Y-you fucking /asshole/-!"

"What? I'm just giving you your proper reward. You /won/, after all."

Katsuki freezes like a deer in headlights, his heart pounding in his chest.
Kirishima's words are sweet, but his voice is /dangerous/, interwoven with wicked intent as he grips a handful of hair tight in his fist.

"And winners deserve to be treated to the greatest prize. Unless, of course...you won by using sneaky tricks that you shouldn't have."
"You're so fucking /petty/-!"

Two strong hands reach down, grabbing his wrists and wretching them behind his back like he's some kind of wheelbarrow.

"No, /petty/ would be shoving two fingers up someone's ass while their friends were sitting a few feet away."
Katsuki cries out when Kirishima uses his arms to yank him back on his dick, slamming into him with none of the focus he had only a few seconds ago. This thrust was dirty and full bodied, ending with a slow grind that makes his toes curl.
"Petty would /also/ be that person not letting his boyfriend cum until he /begs/ for it."

Here he pauses, giving Katsuki a chance to do just that.

But his ego is too big and too proud for such nonsense, and instead he throws a glare over his shoulder.


And Kirishima begins to absolutely /destroy/ him.

Fucking him brutally fast, his hips a blur as he pounds his boyfriend into the couch, shoving him down until he's at the perfect angle to make Katsuki lose his mind.
Forcing his face into the cushions to muffle his cries of pleasure as he brings him closer and closer to the brink...

Only to slip out right before he falls over that heavenly edge, instead choosing to rut slowly against his ass cheeks while he curses his very soul to damnation.
It goes on like that for /so/ long. He doesn't know how long, time escapes him somewhere between the fifth and seventh time, but he does know that when he comes back to himself, his body is on /fire/.

He feels used and swollen in the best of ways, his pussy throbbing with need.
Leaking slick down his quivering thighs to soak the blanket that Kirishima'd had the foresight to shove underneath his knees. But he doesn't think for one second that it isn't completely soaked through and staining the couch below them anyways.
His nipples are aching from rubbing against the rough fabric of the couch, and he just knows they're gonna be bright red and sensitive when everything is over.

He's gonna have to wear band-aids on them for /days/.
His arms are sore from being pulled behind his back, but that's not something he isn't used to, having his kind of Quirk.

And his eyes are tear filled and spilling over, down his flushed cheeks and open, drooling mouth, to drip down his chin.
He feels properly used.

And sufficiently punished.

Kirishima thinks he's imagining the weak noises that the blond starts making when he's lining himself up again, ready to go another round despite feeling like he's gonna blow his load at the next strong breeze.
But no, when he leans forward over his shaking frame, he can hear it more clearly, even if he can't fully interpret what's being said.

Then again, he doesn't need to hear the words. He would recognize that high pitched, needy mumble anywhere.
"You need it, don't you baby?" he asks softly, freeing his limp arms to rub a slow, scorching hot hand up a pale, sweaty back as he /eases/ his dick back inside the male's swollen hole.

Katsuki /keens/, a clear beautiful sound that makes his dick throb inside of him.
"You know what you gotta say if you want it."

Katsuki's entire body jolts forward when the tip of his dick nudges his sweet spot, almost yanking himself off of it entirely as it stimulates him past pleasure and into euphoria.

"Please what?" Kirishima asks softly, a satisfied grin curling his lips as he grips small hips, shuffling into the best position and easing back again until just the tip is resting against his pulsing flesh.

Katsuki whines beautifully at the tease, his thighs quaking.
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