By the Early 2000s, Jewish birthrates in Israel had reached their Nadir, with just 67% births going to Jews and 26% births to Arabs. Yasser Arafat's words about the wombs of Palestinian women being a biological weapon against the Jews were finally coming true.
But the Israelis had a secret, most potent weapon:The Ultra-Orthodox or Haredi Jews. Having a fertility rate of almost 7 kids per woman, they grew so rapidly that they reversed the decline in the proportion of Jewish births in just a few short years. Now, almost 73-74% of Israeli
births are Jewish, while 21-22% are Arab. What's more, the massive growth of the Haredi Jews has had the other positive effect of encouraging even secular & reformist Jews to have more kids. Growing at 4% a year, Haredis are expanding faster than even most black African countries
. The 1.1 million Haredi Jews in Israel will ensure that the country's population will at least double in the coming 35 years or so, & probably Quadruple or Quintiple by the end of the century. Not just in Israel, Haredi communities are reversing the aging of Jewish communities
abroad as well. After decades of population decline Jews in New York and the UK are finally seeing growth return due to the extremely high fertility rates of their Haredi brethren. The lesson in this is that turning the demographic tide back in favour of Hindus in India doesn't
even necessarily require the support of a majority of Hindus. All you need is an ultra-orthodox core of Hindus (even 4-5% of of Hindu population will do) who will maintain an unusually high TFR and be largely averse to the Western liberal messaging spread via Consumerism.
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