Battle of Dwarka (part 3)

When Sri Krishna returned to Dwarka he saw aftermath of the battle, beautiful forests and gardens were all destroyed, when he heard about what happened he pledged to return to Dwarka only after kill!ng Shalva
Taking a large army with him Sri Krishna went to hunt down Shalva, his army had Elephants, cavalry, chariots and infantry, crossing forests and hills he reached Matirkavat, but there he got it know Shalva has gone towards Sagar in his Aricraft
So Bhagwan Krishna went after him, when he reached there Shalva saw him and challenged him for battle.
Saubh Vimana (Aircraft) of Shalva was actually very large, as if a flying city with hundereds of his warriors with him.
Krishna fired towards Shalva's vimana but none of those arrows could reach him whereas Shalva was continuously firing on Sri Krishna and covered his chariot, charioteer and horses with arrows
Sri Krishna changed to some other type of arrows which could reach that Vimana and fired on him continuously. During battle that aricraft went so far that army of Krisha could not even see it, but Sri Krishna continued firing in its direction.
Many of Danavs in that aircraft got hit by arrows and they were falling down into the ocean, their body parts got separated from body when Krishna's arrows hit them and they were all screaming.
Seeing this Shalva started fighting using mayavi weapons, those which were not used in normal warfare and he attacked Sri Krishna who himself used Mayavi weapons to counter Shalva.
During to this suddenly there would be darkness and sometimes suddenly it will be too bright.
(Stun grenades are used in modern wars where sudden bright light is used to temporarily blind the enemy)
There were suddenly changes in temperatures, etc, this type of warfare was called (Maya yuddha) in which devices to trick opponents were used, in modern warfare too we have smoke grenades, Flares, Nightvision equipment etc
Sri Krishna countered this maya with his own Mayavi weapons and he decimated Shalva's army with his arrow fire.
Then Shalva fired many arrows towards Sri Krishna with which his charioteer got injured, he was covered with blood.
Suddenly someone climbed on Krishna's chariot and claimed to be messenger from Dwarka, he said, while you were fighting here Shalva went back to Dwarka and killed you father leave this battle and return to Dwarka.
Krishna was stunned by this news, he thought - "how could Balram let Shalva kill their father? Maybe they all are dead Balram, Pradyumn etc"
But he kept on fighting with Shalva even while thinking this.
Suddenly he saw his Father falling from Vimana of Shalva, with clothes and hair messed he was falling down to ground and Shalva's soldiers attacking his falling body.
On seeing this Krishna dropped his bow and sat in back part of chariot, all his army was distressed too.
But after a few minutes he rose up and saw his father was not there nor Shalva was there not his aircraft. Then he realized that it was all an Illusion by Shalva. So he went forward and started fighting with Shalva's army moving towards the Aircraft.
He then fired arrows towards Saubh Vimana and killed many Davnavas on it, but suddenly the Vimana Disappeard, it was another illusion of Shalva,
due to it disappearing Krishna used Shabdabhedi Vidya and just by listening to sounds continued firing arrows and killing the Danavas
That aircraft was visible again and suddenly all Danavas started pelting stones and large rocks towards Sri Krishna he used "Vajra" (Favourite weapon of Indra) to counter them. But horses of his chariot were injured by stones and had difficulty moving.
His charioteer said, "don't go soft on Shalva, he is right there just kill him don't spare him"
Listening to this Sri Krisha took out Sudarshana chakra and launched it towards Saubha Vimana.
Saubha Vimana was destroyed by his chakra and fell to ground.
The aircraft caught fire after it crashed to ground, Sri Krishna again used sudarshana and this time killed Shalva with a clean strike.
He stood there next to crashed aircraft and sounded his conch of victory

Jai Shree Krishna
Battle of Dwarka Part 1 and 2
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