You ever have a thought pop into your head that sounds like the perfect middle tweet in a rambling thread but it's nowhere big enough for you to formulate the rest of the thread around it
like so:

20/ Even those curricula that don't explicitly teach anti-Americanism still exude a subtle anti-ruralism: History taught as the accumulation of inventions supporting the techno-lumpen lifestyle vs. people who failed to make quota b/c they made philosophy like nerds
73/ Oh, you're a Middle East Policy Expert? Disclose 3 of your Qatari sponsorships
122/ Those novelty Trump 2016 "Federal Victory Notes" are not valid tender as Hell Money, but burn them anyway for OPSEC reasons
155/ Revisiting this for a brief detour into continuity: all whitepill posting is copeposting to some degree, but Nesaraposting is particularly hilarious because it's the boomercon synthesis of both of these
156/ "we were wrong about the Black Helicopter NWO back in the 90s but it was because it was actually going to be a Good Thing and if it weren't for 9/11, Clinton/Bush would've uncorked a fount of miracle Tesla free energy tech and overturned Marbury v. Madison"
203/ The South Park episode where Cartman's racial profiling snowballs into uncovering England's grand masterminding of every foreign threat to the United States hasn't been pulled from syndication/streaming yet

it will be as this Russian bounty story psyop progresses though
225/ One of my purged Scrump retweets goes something like "it's made to sound like BLM solidarity but really that's just an excuse to bring it in line with Middle East/Chinese anti-black racism and chase that Third World bag"
226/ Kanye was three steps ahead of the rest of us realizing that results-oriented politics is a formula of which rings you kiss, when you kiss them, and what lies you tell those around you about why you're kissing them
227/ Kanye has decided to pucker up for that small donor ring

this would make him the first right-of-Green independent presidential candidate to do so
257/ The largest gay erasure psyop many of you have ever actually witnessed in your lifetime is the shuttering of @Symphogear_XDen

Hoooo boy you're going to love all the other shit the recording industry multinationals are complicit in
283/ South Park embellished some things in the Super Adventure Club episode, but the main gist (the elite find affirming telos and proximal power in pederasty and engineer its open-secret exercise) is true and ought to have frightened us all these years
284/ Imagine what else Trey & Matt could've warned us about if they hadn't decided to chase exclusively Approved Low-Hanging Fruit following Cartoon Wars
303/ The next woke convulsion in the sports world will be the MLB reinstating the Negro Leagues

see, to do otherwise would mean pitting black athletes not equally against white athletes, but also unfairly against their systemic privilege (never mind their supplements)
304/ On an even more ironic note, Berlin will get the '32 Summer Olympics and the US will bring a team sorted for representative racial parity vs. whoever the European camps bring for each sport

Poland will sweep them and be the only ones not giving fascist salutes at the podium
313/ Bakugan (the one where plastic balls explode into dragons) disappoints anime fans of all ages because it's not B-Daman (the one where plastic robots shoot metal marbles) or Bakuman (the one where Hakaba writes BDSM doujins)
345/ Megalia has graduated to claiming the souls and dumping the bodies
346/ American metropoles are built contra the leylines known to the First Nations; feminist anti-Trump witchcraft looks like crockery because it is, in fact, powerless

Asian metros mostly built through rather than over the spirits, though, opening paths for untold horror
347/ Toei has been making Kamen Rider look less and less buglike with each passing year

they've read their Shadowrun

even the shoddy Catalyst splats give them reliable warning of what they might be on the hook for
380/ Statue teardowns and street mural paintings may be the state deciding X Demographic has the greatest and exclusive right to communal property, but token-solidarity street renamings are the real gold mine for propagating regime-affirming falsehoods
381/ Garmin or Google Maps will not instruct you to turn left at the non-existent statue of General Longstreet, but *will* gleefully tell you to follow Black Lives Matter Boulevard till it merges into Qatar Is Harmless Avenue then bear right at GamerGate Is Hate Lane
382/ Expect private-public partnerships of intersectional convenience to crop up in the late stage

they'll gladly call it White Silence Is Violence Avenue if it means they never see Denise's Pontiac Aztek in the Popeyes drive-thru again
400/ I wanna see @jack explain [Bounced] to a grand jury
422/ Remember when Linkin Park had a GP01Fb? They traded it in for 20 of those A-LAWS killer cube spiders about six years ago
456/ Ben Shapiro and Juan Williams are two sides of the same neoconservative doctrinal rigidity coin. The latter was grown in a lab by Fox News to be dispersed with facts and logic, and the former by Daily Wire to exclusively use those
489/ my biggest gripe with talk radio these days is their Silent Majority-assuaging assurances that "Twitter is not America"

that's factually true, but Twitter *is* Elite America and that's 75% of the problem
513/ Joe Rogan was not on my bingo card for "Celebrities Most Likely to Deteriorate into Neurotic Asian Mothers seeking Vicarious Social Striving" but here we fucking are
572/ Passover will not be permitted to end until the firstborns are slain

The regime are too big a set of pussies to do it themselves, so the murder weapon will be Endless Current Events Hyperawareness
573/ The great paradox of our time is that our ruling cadre lies and doublespeaks about everything under the sun (and sometimes even that) but suddenly We Mustn't Dirty Our Hands wrt the action plan of the Wannsee Zoom Conference
607/ Ain't it funny how the Desmond Llewelyn Fan Club only ever became a threat because one of 'em on Long Island killed a Mafia don instead of Trusting The Plan like a good little sheep
677/ They don't hire people whose only idea of "creativity" is "how can I take this thing someone else made and make it less...ugh"
708/ Arab Leftists are anti-Semitic because they're prevented from connecting their anti-Zionism to the Western Diaspora's move to make Judaism the hip, bougie religion of the Good Rich People

Gamer Rightists are anti-Semitic because we're hyper-aware of it
709/ By "prevented" I mean there's active defense measures in place.

See grown-ass man Nick Cannon being forced to do book reports

[see also the Left's more broad High School Caste Reductionism at play to a near-equal degree]
716/ Imagine how fucked we'd be if they actually sent their brightest
717/ the Loicense Checkers aren't going to be Whig History's final champions either
738/ Suicide induced by pharmaceutical over-reliance/social and moral hyperawareness is the favored murder weapon of a regime too vain to actually pick up the AKs they fetishize and mow down the proles
750/ 5% is great for a single-strongman regime, but the election rigging going on these days supports a distributed strong-NGO authoritarian system

Margins closer to 0.5-0.125% offer more shows of force by/through the tribunocracy at SCOTUS
751/ suppose it'd be more apt to call it a theocratic tribune, but the point is redundant when the object of state worship is the use of state power to coerce state worship and the legitimation thereof
763/ no Westerner can lay eyes on an Ultraman and live

such is Tsubaraya's law, even after all the localization deals they inked

one horny Greek lad knows EXACTLY why I'm subtweeting him by revealing this
771/ they're trying to strangle ComicsGate and anyone remotely adjacent for this very reason
772/ Not necessarily to kill them, mind

they'll settle for the cutting the Based variants off from enough good scriptwriters and inkers that they all come out sounding like (and having the shitty pacing of) Liberality For All or Diesel
773/ That the Woke versions already have this problem because their good talent is hemmed in by the editorial constraints imposed by The Message is one of those things that gets swept under the rug
787/ am I the only one having a Kenosha/Genosha circuit break after getting too deep into the Hickman X-books

790/ it's not the utility of the Master's tools, but the propriety

once they become The Movement's tools they can be used to tear down any edifice The Movement sees fit

This is why they're ravenous to "claim" all media with tepid representation takes
800/ Dad (born 1961) simultaneously thinks the Apollo 11 lunar landing was faked and that the push to glorify that one black female calculator at Mission Control is about to spiral into Girl Boss fabulism

he's onto something, but busy seeing the forest for the trees
801/ Moon landing denial and ground crew progressive tribute share a mutual root: a need to declare Apollo an aberration to (denial) or in continuity with (wokeness) JFK-LBJ coalitionism

for 50 years they've been salty Nixon had to carry them over the finish line
808/ one of Glenn Beck's callers yesterday said we could rehabilitate the anarchist Left following a Trump re-election with a Truth and Reconciliation Council of some kind and I can't stop piss laughing
809/ you're not going to fix people who believe all wrong in the world comes from the Different Caste that, just by existing, keeps them from their deserved riches

if you want peace, you'll have to be more serious about stacking rich white corpses than the EFF
818/ to the Discord roasties:

yes, this is an act to get noticed by a select set of senpais

but also yes, I sincerely believe this shit because you've spent years doing nothing to actually prove it false
825/ Space JRPGs run on Highlander rules: There Can Be Only One

this is why Star Ocean has been dead since around 2011

and why you're not getting a new Xenoblade until Phantasy Star Online 2/New Genesis finally dies
838/ Nationalize the Associated Press now, or it will nationalize us later
839/ Nominally this would result in AP bureau chiefs being appointed by state-by-state plebiscite or appointed by state legislatures (a la senators pre-12th Amendment)

Optimally said bureaus would be broken up from their current state of "CA, NY, DC, Rest of Nation"
856/ crying that @moldbugman isn't Moldbug would be more of a branding issue if Curtis Yarvin didn't run screaming from the Moldbug name after @thechrisbuskirk @emeriticus and Michael Anton threw together grocery store label Moldbug and tore progressivism's mask off with it
862/ the capacity for charity diminishes as its definition is made more and more esoteric by those with the means but no concrete context for the will
863/ incidentally you should be taking @moldbugman's recent thread on "plague as religion accelerant" as a whitepill

despite the reversal of vogue, people respond more sympathetically to sacrifices FOR man rather than TO god, & prog tragos resembles the latter more by the day
866/ PSO2 Day thoughts: Sega's always liked having goofy disc decors in Phantasy Star games, but the Ep1 cutscene shots of Zeno's back are the first I've seen one explicitly called out as a "Diskos"

is this an explicit Night Land callback, and if so, how deep does it go
867/ notwithstanding the ways PS contradicts Night Land by way of setting transposition

Photons = Earth-current but in space
Dark Falz = less concerned with hastening the material universe's end than with outlasting it
Space Travel = clearly not proscribed as in NL
880/ The eschaton will be immanetized (to the delight of the many) but not racialized (to the despair of the few)
893/ Reinoehl died before facing trial for the same reason Oswald did: to prevent the articulation of the enemy's motivation and strategy before a court of law
899/ the only thing the Book of Revelations really got wrong was that there'd be a singular Mark of the Beast

there's one for Humans, and one for Cattle, and we're rapidly learning who's being trusted to decide which is which
904/ just because a hydra's hundred heads all go to the same stomach doesn't mean they all collaborate on the same feast
914/ Flip back to 708/ in this thread and strike "Arab," I guess
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