3. ALL on the satanic council are Monarch trauma based mind controlled. Mind Control is the primary means of control of people - eg roughly 6% or 20 Million in the US alone- For mind control see this thread https://twitter.com/CathyCathyFox/status/1176906415178432512 #Monarch #Mindcontrol #mkultra #illuminati
7. Thread on Illuminati Symbolism https://twitter.com/CathyCathyFox/status/1176194463963787266 #symbolism #illuminati #satanism #handsignals #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall #TheSwamp
11. More whistleblowers are coming forward all the time and soon it will become a flood - on mind control, child trafficking, child cannibalism, child torture, targetted individuals, cloning and more. Here are some - https://twitter.com/CathyCathyFox/status/1253674797264928770 #illuminati #whistleblowers
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