I sounded an alarm when Trump pulled the Bible photo-op on June 1st, and so did many others.

We were lucky it mostly fell flat, but what people aren't talking about is that it resounded with a lot of people, and it has set in motion some really dangerous things.

We've now seen the evangelical right start to equate the destruction of Confederate monuments with possible persecution of Christianity.

This is by design, and it has corresponded with relentless propaganda efforts by fascists, politicians, and white extremists.

Anyone who keeps track of Trump supporters and white supremacists has seen an uptick in Christian-based propaganda.

It's not a coincidence that this has taken place in June after the stunt and as the BLM protests have been changing culture.

What's happened very quickly is a marriage of white supremacist propaganda, pro-law enforcement memes, and the Crusader ideology that has powered Christian fascism for generations.

It's growing by the day, and if you watch you can see people getting radicalized quickly.

The propaganda is aimed at framing police as a holy force of God positioned against evil, dangerous hordes.

It's a retelling of the Crusades with American nationalist elements

It's all white supremacy, through and through, and it's something that's been fomenting for awhile

To tell this story in totality, we have to go back into history, explain the origins of white-identity evangelical fascism, and examine how, post-9/11, it was embraced in full and turned into a radicalizing, organized force that threatens everything we know.

A good place to start is George Soros, the focus of so many of these conspiracy theories and radicalizing efforts.

The framing of Soros as some kind of puppeteer is pure, unadulterated antisemitism that recalls fascistic appeals and New World Order fearmongering.

The story around the BLM protests is that Soros has funded a massive interference project, including a faked murder, paid protesters, and a plan to destroy America.

This paranoid conspiracy theory is just a continuation of the fascist story of the world.

The Soros conspiracy theory is the same story told by Adolf Hitler and countless other fascist dictators.

It is a mythology of Jewish interference meant to explain and inspire fascistic, extralegal behavior, violence, and authoritarianism.

This Soros conspiracy ties in with an uptick in attacks on Barack Obama, who Trump has now accused of treason.

People roll their eyes, but we need to examine what these charges are because this isn't just rhetoric, it's a fascist call for violence and murder.

When Trump and others talk about the so-called "Deep State," they're talking about the New World Order and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Antisemitic conspiracies that are meant to create a need for violence and fascistic action

This isn't a game. It's very dangerous

When Trump and others call Obama a traitor, they're not just running their mouths. They're telling supporters that Obama is a secret Muslim who worked with people like Soros and the New World Order, a satanic cabal, to destroy America from the inside out.

This is what the Hillary/Bill Clinton syndicate talk is all about. It's a claim that Democrats are part of a worldwide, satanic conspiracy against the United States.

This story is meant to consolidate power but also inspire violence as a means of confronting evil.

A moment.

Consider what you've maybe written off as paranoid ramblings.

The narrative of the Deep State, New World Order conspiracy is that traitors and satanic actors are putting our lives at risk.

The story gives credence to fascistic violence, assassinations.

This has long been the American story.

Evil ventures like the Confederate States of America used conspiracy theories and fearmongering of "cabals" to excuse fascistic enterprises, crackdowns on rights, violence, and total, systemic oppression.

White Christian terror groups like the Ku Klux Klan have trafficked these same conspiracy theories for generations and used the Christian ideology as a means to excuse their terrorist activities, murders, and extralegal behavior.

This is as American as American gets.

And in times of protests by oppressed groups, America has a history of blaming the activities on manipulation by outsiders, whether it's Russia, Jewish people, or satanic cabals.

This has happened here time and time and time again. It's a predictable cycle.

Though we now remember figures like Martin Luther King Jr. as leaders and heroes, there was an immediate attempt to draw a line between him and Communists and conspirators.

This is what happens when white supremacy is troubled in America.

Every. Single. Time.

When an oppressed group protests and fights for its rights, an armed resistance rises up to counter them, displaying iconography of white power and claiming the civil rights group is a front for outside, satanic manipulators.

It's a means to excuse the violence.

For years now the American Right Wing has used these paranoid conspiracy theories to raise funds and gain power.

They use the New World Order story to frighten white Americans that their power might be endangered by a satanic, Jewish cabal.

For those who haven't already, I'd recommend looking up my research on the Cult of the Shining City, or how white-identity, Neo-Confederate Christianity came to dominate the Republican Party and American culture.

This is all fueled by conspiracy theories and white supremacy

This paranoid conspiracy theory has powered the Republican Party for decades and, beginning in the 1990's, became the reality with which Fox News controlled the American narrative.

That's what Fox is. The legitimization of the New World Order conspiracy.

It's incredibly important to see what the New World Order conspiracy and fear of minorities led to.

In 2003, it gifted George W. Bush the Iraq War, creating a new Crusade-like situation wherein innocents were killed and the religious dichotomy was made deadly.

The Iraq War did so much damage. It killed so many innocent people, forfeited America cultural leadership, and also heightened fear of terrorism from abroad while hiding growing white terrorism within our borders.

It's hard to overstate the damage done.

Because of Bush and Fox and the GOP, American fascists began coalescing around a fascistic roleplay in which they were now Crusaders, called by a racist God to fight the Muslim hordes, just like the Middle Ages where Christians carried out terrible atrocities.

That bizarre paranoia carried over into 2008, when Barack Obama gained purchase and became the first African American president.

America's white supremacy and paranoia got the better of it as the Right painted Obama as an outsider, a traitor, and a secret Muslim.

The story Fox News and the Republican Party told was that Obama was a secret Muslim working with secret evil international cabals.

Again. It was the New World Order. An antisemitic conspiracy theory.

The white fascists believed they were fighting a holy war IN AMERICA.

Trump's election was, in large part, a response to Obama's presidency, an ascendance of power based on his promise to fight Obama and his legacy.

They believe he was a traitor and that Donald Trump was their warrior who was taken on the conspiracy.

There's a lot happening here.

Trump was considered a holy warrior against Obama's satanic agenda, and generations worth of Christian apocalypticism gave him a place as the leader of a white-identity, Neo-Confederate cult.

He became a messiah to them and remains one.

Meanwhile, white terrorists continued attacking America. In some cases it was bombs. In others mass shootings. Media wrote a lot of them off as "lone nuts," but they believed they were fighting the New World Order and were soldiers in an invisible war.

Some joined paramilitary groups. Some joined terrorist organizations.


They enlisted in the military. Joined the police. They became soldiers in the war against the New World Order by vowing to protect the country from "evil traitors."

Some understand what they're doing.

Many others don't.

The acceptance of fascistic iconography and stories about conspiracies and burgeoning danger have motivated them to believe they are essentially fighting the New World Order and traitors in our midst.

The narrative has cemented that America is in danger and being attacked constantly by traitors and evil outsiders.

Again. These conspiracy theories? They make fascistic responses and extralegal measures necessary.

After all. These people ARE AT WAR.

Law enforcement and soldiers trafficking in these beliefs are ideologically aligned with white terrorists who believe the same narratives, the same conspiracy theories, and believe it is their white, Christian duty to fight this invisible war.

We see this in the constant fascist/crusader iconography and role-play on the Right.

They truly, honestly believe they are fighting a racist god's, white supremacist battle.

This war is real to them, and because it's a holy war it means they can use whatever means to win.

It's impossible to overstate how dangerous of a situation this is.

Once you start believing your "enemy" is evil, satanic, and traitorous, it means anything is on the table to defeat them.

Murder. Imprisonment. Fascistic regimes.

It's all legitimized.

For anyone familiar with history, this is exactly how other countries have come to be authoritarian states, how dictators and genocidal madmen have excused their murders, violence, and fascistic maneuvers.

This isn't an exaggeration. The properties exist here right now.

There is the direct route through white supremacy and Christian fascism, but meanwhile less direct routes are taking hold, including fascistic conspiracy theories like Qanon that tell the same story but through different channels and means.

It's the same though.

And it doesn't help that the pandemic has given rise to conspiracy theorists who blame, again, Jewish cabals and traitorous liberal parties.

It is the same antisemitic story of the New World Order and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

It is a fascistic narrative.

Trump has used this narrative from the very beginning. It's what birtherism was. A racist conspiracy theory nodding toward the New World Order.

Now, while he's losing in the polls and completely out of control, he's relying on it again to try and retain power.

Yes, Trump's photo-op with the Bible was hamfisted and transparent. But it hit home with his zealots and white-identity evangelicals and fascists.

The uptick in crusader rhetoric and holy war narratives is proof that it got through and is causing real and lasting damage.

You can dismiss all of this all you want. You can pretend it's not dangerous, but again, this is how societies fall into the abyss of fascism.

It's the same narrative, conspiracy theory, coopting of religious paranoia.

It's happening here. Right now. See it. Tell people.

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