A Thread Exposing the truth about the MAP community and it's Insidious Plan as a 4chan Smear Campaign against the LGBT+ community.
If you have been on social media, whether active on the LGBT+ community or not, The term "Minor Attracted Person", "MAP", or "Pedosexual" may have been on your radar.
If it has not, you may have thought that that was the stupidest thing you've ever heard on the internet in a while.
"How dare these degenerate try and make a name for themselves as innocent people!?" You may say in your brain.
However, what if I told you, that this was exactly what "They" wanted you to believe?
In this thread, I will go over the Truth about the term "MAP" and what it's True intentions are really, as a far-right Anti-LGBT smear campaign, organized by 4chan.
Part 1: The Beginning
Each year since around 2016, the website 4chan has had a plan to Attack the LGBT+ Community (One recent example being "Project Pridefall")
But the first Anti-LGBT smear campaign made originally by 4chan was a hoax that encouraged people to support something called "LGBTP" and alternatively "Clovergender" and "Trans-age"
These were both obvious hoaxes organized by 4chan members, and malicious parts of the Alt-Right, using Mainstream platforms, Sockpuppet accounts, and Tag spamming in order to get attention.
Though another additional thing is that this was attempted again in 2017, under the "LGBTP" name with an identical plan in mind.
Part 2: Raise the Flag
After these last 2 Smear Campaigns happened, most people were expecting this to not happen again, however unfortunately it did in the form of a Tumblr post.
On June 13th, 2018, a Tumblr account under the tag "@/Dont-Mistake-Our-Geography” made their official "NOMAP" pride flag (Pictured here)
Another thing to note is that the term of "MAP" was made by the B4U-ACT though NOT AS TO LET PEDOS WITHIN THE LGBT COMMUNITY. The B4U-ACT created the term with the intention to help rehabilitize Pedophiles.
Part 3: Present day, Present Time.
And now we get into now. What is happening, and what is being done?
Well, one things for sure, and thats "MAP's" Still fester within twitter, and other platforms as well Now. However, let me get into the truth about these accounts.
To put it short, They are Not real most of the time.
How? Well, let me say what is being done.
1.) A lot of these accounts are made Recently. They are just coming out of the woodwork suddenly, and in huge roves of people. this is an obvious red flag.
2.) one thing i've seen a lot is that they Steal art and make "memes". This is to grab attention.
There's also another thing which are "Anti accounts" or "Agent Accounts"
These are accounts that do more bad than good. As we stated earlier, this started as a smear campaign. Giving people attention to what being a "MAP" is, is fanning the flames.
Part 4: The unfortunate truth
This is the part that we must acknowledge. The fact that unfortunately, that some of these MAP's are Real, and have groomed people.
This is unfortunately, part of the smear campaign that worked.
There are bad people. There will always be bad people. and because of that, It's up to us to call out disgusting behavior. In this next part I will Address what should be done.
PART 5: What can be done.
1.) Do not put MAP accounts on Blast/Make accounts dedicated to "Hunting" Them. This will set yourself up for Spies who will collect said information.
2.) Organized Efforts
This next one is Simple. Organize a group whether in a discord or twitter GC with TRUSTED PEOPLE, and when you see a Pedos account, you all report it.
"what about callout posts?"
If a "MAP" or Pedophile actually exhibited Pedophelic behavior such as Grooming children, or going into minors' PM to send them porn or be sexual with them, thats when a callout post is necassary, because they are a dangerous person.
And now, we close the thread.
To end this off as a disclaimer, I was a person who was nearly groomed by these people. I had to see some of the grossest parts of this community. I wish to protect Minors, and I wish to see all predators on this place GONE.
I will NOT be turning off notifications for this post. I will be answering questions by anybody who wants to ask them or clarifications.
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