thirteen types of dates you would go on with hueningkai

*·˚ ༘ ➳ a delulu thread
these are half dates have boyfriend scenarios btw i really can't tell
01 ┊ late night swims in the summer
02 ┊ the aquarium
↳ hueningkai wants to show you his favourite animal, penguins!
after walking around the aquarium you can't help but shop for dolls for each other.
↳ you buy him a penguin doll and he gets you a dolphin one :)
03 ┊ drawing cafe
↳ he shows off his talent for art by drawing his date
04 ┊ spontaneous trip to namsan tower
↳ you get the big pink lock and he writes both of your names on it and locks it onto the bench
05 ┊ theme park part one
↳ he wants to show off his skills by winning you a prize, but unfortunately he lost. to make up for it he treats you with your favourite flavoured slushie
06 ┊ theme park part two
↳ he wanted so badly to win you something because last time he couldn't. well, today he's in luck because he finally won!
07 ┊ skate park
↳ despite hueningkai not knowing how to skate, you guys still have fun mucking around
08 ┊ walk around the suburbs
↳ you guys decide to have a more relaxed date and take a peaceful walk along with your dog
09 ┊ quarantined
↳ nothing is stopping hueningkai from facetiming you to show you the song he wrote for you

not really a date but ᵕ̈
10 ┊ surprise!
↳ hueningkai tells you to meet him in the park. little did you know that he plans on singing you a song
11 ┊ water park!
12 ┊ theme park part three
↳ he hates going on rides but he goes on them just for you
13 ┊ movie date
↳ horror movies = cuddling
*·˚ ༘ ➳ end of thread! thanks for reading
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