Kejriwal in 1st tenure - filed case against Ambani & Shiela Dixit, in 2nd tenure spoke against Modi & Shah ALL alone received support from absolutely NOBODY including Pannaprakukh Media as well as some liberal media.

Kejriwal called up by these people when he took on Modi. 1/n
Last delhi election was like nightmare for Arvind Kejriwal despite many good work. Kejriwal used to get termed anti Hindu whenever he spoke against Modi-Shah by same media houses & people who are saying Kejriwal is silent.

He is not silent - he is learning existing politics 2/n
What if, Arvind Kejriwal would have lost delhi election?

You same people would have been making joke on his cough & illness etc.

He might not be relevant for many but he is relevant for needy people in delhi anyday. 2/n

I’ll add more of this time to time.
When Kejriwal won delhi in 2015 -

Modi & his MHA snatched ACB by changing law in March 2015.

How many of you spoke against Modi - Shah? None - because Arvind Kejriwal has been biggest nightmare for all existing Chamchas as well as for existing politicians of congress/BJP
this pandemic- did you guys know how Kejriwal Govt helped thousands of migrant workers those who aren’t even working in delhi but while crossing delhi got stuck due to inhuman lockdown step taken by Modi.

If that dilli dust guy wish to write something, should write for poor.
Fortunately got a chance to work with Mr. Kejriwal for more than 5 years &

Despite being humiliated by media, BJP & congress, he rose up against all the odds. Performed in delhi with very limited power.

He is family man & understands middle class, lower middle class needs.
Modi Put CBI,IB,ED and other agencies behind Arvind Kejriwal in order to find out Rs 1 loophole/Corruption against Arvind kejriwal but they all failed in last 6 years but then you have agenda to call him BJP B team or C team - What is congress accountability over 1984 riots?
Whether we talk about the education system or medical system in Delhi whether if we talk about corruption in By which the Kejriwal government came in the power. And it has proven successful in all the sectors. Not everyone can be superlative, everyone has a little drawback.
After being subjected to umpteen legal, taxation, funding, budgetary, jurisdiction & court complications when the entire team of Modi Govt like CBI, IT, ED, ACB, were unleashed against him to trap, prosecute & jail in serious corruption cases including CBI raid on CMs office
arrest & sacking of his CS Rajendra sir. Kejriwal withstood every storm & came out unscathed without giving in to his detractors even in a single case of corruption/favouritism to book against. Modi-Shah tried all their theory but failed- but Dalu dust calls him BJP B team
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