A thread on my experience volunteeering today at the Louisville, KY polling location.

TLDR: hundreds of people did not get to vote! This is voter suppression. #KYSen #VoterSuppression
First, the backstory is that there’s one polling location for a city with 769k people, including half of the states Black population. The polling location closed at 6pm, which means it is difficult for working people to vote. This is a form of voter suppression at the get go
This is the line of cars at 5:35pm. This is just one entrance of several, and these are the folks already inside the gate. There’s a line backed up to the interstate outside the gate at this point. People in the cars told me it was a ~45min wait.
Here’s the Sheriff that blocked the entrance (gate 2) into the expo center. This is 5:52pm. Polls are still open.
Here’s the line of cars outside that gate where the Sheriff blocked. These people are being told by the Sheriff to go to a different entrance (gate 4).This video is 6:02pm. I think a lot of these folks never got in, never got to vote.
Shortly after this point, I got word from my teammate at the front that they shut the doors, no one else could vote. At this time, were hundreds of cars in line in the expo center gates + on the main road outside the expo
I talked to many people in cars who were inside the expo center lot, but we’re directed into the exit lines. Never got to park, never got to vote.
Here’s the scene at 6:20pm, people chanting “let them vote” and banging on the glass doors of the polling center.
The campaign filed an injunction to extend voting until 9. The doors opened again at 6:30, some people got in, and then the doors where closed again.
We interviewed some of the people who were let into the polling center at 6:30. This woman says she got in the line of cars at 5:20, was in the line of cars for 45 min, and got to the doors when they were closed. #KYSen #VoterSuppression
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