Hundreds of (mostly white) protesters have shown up.
Why? Because this statue honoring the signing of the emancipation proclamation is “racist.”
Where did the statue come from? It was paid for and erected by freed slaves.
ORGANIZER OF THE TEAR DOWN LINCOLN STATUE: “Lincoln did not want to free the slaves. He freed the slaves for political advancement. Not because he wanted to. We freed ourselves...”

Lincoln was assassinated for freeing the slaves and securing total victory over the Confederates.
TEAR DOWN EMANCIPATION STATUE ORGANIZER: “No one here created this but you do have a choice and an opportunity to destroy it.”

Doesn’t this apply to literally anything in society?
Would you like to know the actual history of the statue?

Paid for in full by emancipated American citizens:
Black female pastor is very upset at organizers of the tear down Lincoln movement.

Is very upset at the organizers for judging people by their skin color — says this statue tear down movement is not helping.

White libs in the audience hiss and sneer at her as she walks away.
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