For all the people out there going The Real Treasure Was The Friends We Made Along The Way re: the noose that was a door pull like even the stupid wolves knew almost immediately, let me break it down for you as to why this caused harm both specific and general - a thread
Ye Olde Not A Noose was found in the garage area. Now, I would hope that even those who are only vaguely aware the NASCAR has cars that go vroom would have the wit to comprehend that that is not an area that is open for anyone to wander about.
There are millions of dollars of vehicles and equipment there, not to mention the whole bit of teams being highly protective, as they should be, of their vehicles and vehicle set ups. People can't just walk in and out of there at will. This should be blindingly obvious to all.
Add into that the restrictions in place due to COVID and there were a very limited number of people who had access to that area. Not only that, the names and identities of those who had access would be known to those at the event. NASCAR may be large but it's not that large.
This was not an accusation being made about the public in general. This was an accusation being made against a very specific and limited set of people. Those people were all placed under public suspicion to say nothing of private suspicion.
Very specific people had very specific allegations being hurled against them. Then Bubba Wallace went on The View today and said those who doubted this story were simpleminded people who were afraid of change. He made accusations against another set of identifiable people.
This is not harmless. This very much harmful. This is not a coming together moment of solidarity. Just stop with the wonderful scene of the drivers and crews supporting Wallace. Do you think if any driver said hey can we have some evidence they wouldn't have been lost their ride?
Do you think if the security guards or the pit crews or any of the rest of the people who had access to the garages said hey you are putting my reputation under suspicion and I want evidence of this they wouldn't have been fired on the spot? We all know the answer to that.
The simpleminded slur, not to mention calling asking questions about what the "noose" really was a conspiracy theory, is harmful as well. Simpleminded isn't precisely a compliment, now, is it? It was intended to stop instantly any questions. And that was intentional by Wallace.
So spare me, just spare me, the Friends We Made Along The Way. No friends were made. None. Only more division and more enemies and more you are Not Of The Body. That people who claim to be smart do not see this is as pathetic as it is expected. No corgis to end, I'm too peeved.
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