Normies might remember Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jeff Gordon, and more, but today's field (though talented) doesn't have the same star power. NASCAR fandom differs from other sports because fans follow individual drivers, not teams. When fans lose their driver, interest wanes.
NASCAR is not immune to modernism. A time traveler from 10 years ago would not recognize a race today. Sure there is still bump drafting and a million sponsors but everything from the race format (stage racing?) to "overtime" to bizarre officiating is new.
I can never prove this, but I believe NASCAR acted to better their bottom line and to improve their standing with the woke mob. The Talladega race was rained out, Monday's viewership was going to be in the toilet, the garage pull-down was a cynical ploy to engender sympathy.
I guarantee yesterday's new viewers won't be there this Sunday and they will be long gone by the time the chase, sorry, the "playoffs" get here. The real fans are the real losers, thrown under the bus by NASCAR and the media. "A NOOSE? Well it is a NASCAR race in the south!"
I want to end on a positive note so thanks NASCAR for 20 years of fun. I've been to tracks from California to Daytona and had a blast at every race. Motorsports are awesome and not limited to stock cars. Here's to a future day together at the track, away from what divides us.
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