But in absolute terms, the number of known cases in the South is growing quickly and — because of the larger population in the region — seems very likely to surpass the numbers we saw in the Northeast.
We're working on a deeper dive into where increased testing is driving case count increases and where it is not. There are meaningful differences between states.
This map speaks for itself.

On a per-capita basis, the biggest increase occurred in Arizona.
Texas reported very large numbers today. There are now more than 4,000 people hospitalized. There were fewer than 3,000 people hospitalized 5 days ago (and roughly 2,000 two weeks ago).
Arizona reported a record number of cases and current hospitalizations today.

The signal is not entirely clear yet—and the absolute numbers are small—but deaths in the state have been generally rising since May 27.
We're also keeping an eye on some of the smaller states adjacent to the major outbreaks.

(Nevada briefly reported hospitalization data, pulled it for a while, and eventually added it back.)
States reported 775 deaths, but as @youyanggu noted, the change from last week was due to a reporting backlog in Delaware. https://twitter.com/youyanggu/status/1275547547776487424?s=20
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