the first thing you write in a @knovigator quest is the thread title
the title is optional but unless I'm jotting down a quick note I often write a title because it sets an intention for the rest of the quest: "What am I writing about? What is the purpose of this quest?"
Being able to title quests is one big difference between threading in @knovigator and twitter, although the two are very similar and if you keep the messages in a quest under 280 characters you'll be able to tweet the whole quest with one click | press
That's how this thread was posted
Another difference is that when you start a quest @knovigator doesn't publish it publicly which lets your writing breathe as you experiment with content and thread structure
The ability to keep quest private by default also plays means you dont have to write your threads in reverse
Because of the way quote tweeting works and the inability to edit, when you write twitter threads you have to write the threads you're going to quote first
@knovigator lets you stream your consciousness into a thread right as you think, and branch whenever an idea inspires another, instead of having to plan out in advance the hierarchy of your ideas so you can write the one being quoted first
Because quests are private you can write them, and structure the references correctly, and only then publish the twitter thread when you're ready
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