BREAKING: New epidemiological modelling shows we've risen to 65% of pre-COVID interactions in BC - teetering on the precipice of "allowable" contact before we cross the "sweet spot" threshold and rebound in cases. @cbcnewsbc #cbc #bcpoli #bcleg #coronavirus #cdnpoli #COVID19
A reminder of the trajectory in cases stemming from degree of interactions. Note our strictest lock-down reduced activity to 40%, flattening the curve. We're now at 65%. At 70%, cases gradually climb back up. 80% triggers a dramatic spike. @cbcnewsbc #cbc #bcleg #bcpoli #COVID19
This boils down to: "If I have COVID, how many others am I infecting?" The goal is to remain around 1 (ie. for every 1 person infected, transmitting the virus to only 1 other person). BC has manged to control exponential spread with current restrictions. @cbcnewsbc #bcpoli #bcleg
With moderate physical distancing (currently), BC is able to trace the majority of a person's contacts within a day or two. If we ease up on distancing, it'll be harder to trace all contacts and will take longer - potentially losing control of cases @cbcnewsbc #bcpoli #bcleg #cbc
Side note: BC is leading the charge in a ground-breaking new technique of tracing #COVID19 in waste water. A similar method has been used in the past to detect the pervasiveness of Polio. Methodology is considered effective given reasonable sample size. @cbcnewsbc #bcpoli #bcleg
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