So @helenzille has said the post-1994 democratic govt has passed more racial laws than the apartheid era did. Here's a handy thread from the TRC report Volume 1 on pre-1994 apartheid legislation. -
A - denotes basic apartheid laws
W - workplace laws
S - security laws
P - political representation
L - land and property
E - education
U - urbanization
Only discriminatory legislation is listed.
There are twenty seven pages of laws listed. For the sake of 'brevity', the additional eighteen pages of homelands laws are not included here. They can be found on pages 478 - 496 of Volume 1.

Here we go:
I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. Being a history nerd, I will have to redo them with better quality pics and blast your feed with another twenty seven photos of apartheid legislation.
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