My current concern is that if I were a Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons bachelorette, I would be the easy-to-woo, basic bride, b/c I would be totally chill with gifts that were foraged and aren't worth a lot of money if shipped. HERE'S AN HERB. Dear Diary, I'm getting married.
I'd be the Bianca Whitaker of Harvest Moon. I'd be the Rise Kujikawa of Harvest Moon. I'd be the Colette Brunel of Harvest Moon. The game likes me best and will STRONGLY IMPLY that you should pick me by making my social link easy and unsubtle.
Recognizing myself as a Colette (whom I do like, despite the game's constantly forcing her character on the player) when I fought tooth and nail for Sheena's ending is actually very depressing, this thread was a bad idea.
This is what I get for trying to be funny in quarantine.
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