the problem with c*vid, and every other colonial virus, is that the spawning body, the ca*casians, cannot and will not stay quarantined enough for it to have been contained. so now its on the loose. the trigger was the Princ*ss cruise ship, under Ch*na+ call. that was watched.
we literally sat there and watched not one African get off that cruise ship where c*vid was said to have started. them folks -- those elite bourgeoisie who had flights booked throughout the world already -- went back to work, to cities that are MILLIONS deep. and spread it.
we literally watched people around the world protesting against the decisions to let these people break quarantine after just 2 weeks docked.

2 weeks wasn't long enough to study the virus.

the world watched this all happen. they let them folks loose. and look what happened.
on the incentive of partaking in globalized capitalism. these people, plus several governments, gave the greenlight to subject so many people so some sht that GOT WORSE, as it was being spread.

the first wave was terrifying. there was no hoax to that

the HOAX THO? is the media
i dont wanna get too deep into biology and science jargon and study here, cause its weird and its a lot and yea. but the fact is that the c*vid situation was a completely disaster

and if we HADNT of stayed sheltered in place? and if we dont CONTINUE to do so? terrible things.
things wont go back to normal because things cant. if we hadnt of sheltered in place - damn the government, did you SEE? - if we hadnt of sat our asses down, it would be worse.

the gov is conspiring while people are dying, and the rich is literally tryna kill us all. thats fact
the main organizing we need to be doing right now is for truly autonomous, c*vid free, true sanctuary zones. we need to arm and shelter ourselves further. because.... stuff like this dont just stop.

its war, people are dying, and the only way out is to be smart and fight. period
we must be expeditiously decolonizing ourselves and releasing our class privileges as forced american citizens, otherwise african prisoners of war.
when i say class privilege as american citizens - i mean our given access to the global economy through the economy's base itself.

dollars and euro talks anywhere. they go a long way to every african everywhere. if thats all we got, we needa pinch on that collectivizing. no cap
if we as africans in amerika, truly grasp in this moment, what collectivizing our resource and ultra investing our capital in our own african diasporas looks like?

we could as africans literally beat the deadliest virus and world war situation humanity's ever seen. our people DO
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