👉🏼So, Stone was closely coordinating with Trump, Trump campaign chairman, dep. chairman, & CEO on cordinating with Wikileaks/Assange on material stolen by Russian govt it had & would release to damage Trump rival, & Trump lied to Mueller about it & Stone lied to Congress about it
And then Barr got rid of the US Attorney for DC and replaced him with a former staffer and put heavy pressure on his former staffer then acting US attorney for DC to go easy on Stone sentencing because of Stone’s relationship with the president, Zelinsky is saying.
(correction above, should have used “her” when referring to the former US attorney for DC who Barr got rid of to make way for corruptly and blatantly interfering in several cases to protect associates of Trump, including those of Roger Stone and Michael Flynn.)
&then Barr clumsily tried to do the same thing with the US attorney office in NY last weekend, got caught, & managed only to oust the top prosecutor, for now. Without a doubt, the purpose was just as corrupt and malign: to obstruct & intervene in cases to protect Trump & allies.
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