What’s going on with UNC System housing? A thread to explain
Yesterday, on 06/22, @UNCG sent its student an email talking about some move-in guidelines, that included a section about an addendum (added note) to the housing contract
Upon logging into their housing portal, UNCG students discovered section 18 of the addendum, that indicates there will be NO REFUND if we are kicked out of housing again next year
Students complained to @UNCG_SA, who said that this is not a UNCG rule but a decision from the entire @UNC_System. This is confirmed by this website FAQ from UNCG https://update.uncg.edu/faq/#fall 
However, students at @ncatsuaggies and @UNC mentioned not being able to find this notice anywhere on their housing portal/contract. Sources say @WCU had this on their student portal as early as a week ago.
Why is this a bad thing? Because, in the best case scenario, this means students lose a lot of money if their school closes. In the worst case, it means many students will be homeless/in unsafe homes.
You can also email [email protected], and try and reach @UNC_System directly. Please spread awareness, we owe it to our peers to stand up for each other’s safety!
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