Meet @walters19901693, an American who supports real news, lives in Texas, loves Donald Trump, and wants the US Army to shoot protestors who remove Confederate statues. #AltWankers #TuesdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Back in November 2019, @walters19901693 also supported real news, but was an African living in Spain rather than an American living Texas. It also had only 10 followers rather than the 2000+ it now boasts.
Things get more confusing when one looks at @walters19901693's tweets, several of which appear to be claiming to live somewhere in Africa rather than Spain or Texas. Prior to 2020 this account mostly tweeted about events in Africa, but has since pivoted heavily to #MAGA content.
Although most of @walters19901693's followers look like US #MAGA accounts, the first ten are decidedly more international and not particularly focused on US politics. It began retweeting #MAGA trains in 2020, which is likely where it built its subsequent following.
One more thing: several of the tweets recently tweeted or retweeted by @walters19901693 have far more retweets than likes. This is a potential sign that these tweets were amplified via DM retweet rooms, and indeed some of the participants are familiar.
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