I think this thread was long due & I guess I'll my best to summarize why a lot of individuals connect with Shehnaaz, Sidharth & #SidNaaz so, tighten ur seatbelts for a long long thread ride. 😜

Thread: #SidNaaz & us.

Well, I would like to begin with both of their personalities https://twitter.com/thecynthiadavid/status/1274726585912918017
first as to why a lot of people feel connected to Shehnaaz & Sidharth.
For me, I connect to Shehnaaz because I have never seen an individual like her ever in my life.
Her innocence, her pure heart, the way she forgives individuals & doesn't hold grudges are all the things I
thought were too good to be true until I saw her.
Not gonna lie, but during the first week, I did not like her much thinking that she was faking a childish personality to attract the audience. However, as I have watched season 11 and half of season 12, I knew that one thing
which is impossible to do in BB house is to hide one's true personality. U just can't cuz u r surrounded by cameras 24/7 & u can't put up an act for that long. It is humanly impossible.
So, by the end of the second week, I had started liking Sana & was quite intrigued by her
unique personality.
I didn't like Sidharth in the first 2 weeks either because I found extremely rude, arrogant & aggressive but of course, my perspective changed once I watched his other side in their USUDs.
We all connect to both of them because they are hero & heroine, the
protagonists of the BB story.
Everything was about them, their love, their fights, their decisions, their game all because it was unique & genuine.
As humans (not including the jealous retards), we always like to support the GOOD because this is how we have been conditioned
since our childhood.
For example, in fairy tales, the fairies are the GOOD & the witches are the bad & good always win over the bad. Most of these fairy tales are often laced by the romance by adding a passionate love story where the protagonists face a lot of hurdles only to
overcome it all for the greater good, Love.

A similar phenomenon happened in BB. It has everything, the good, the bad, the hurdles & most importantly a love story.

It is very natural to get connected to characters when u see them everything for an hour in ur screen, u start
seeing some of ur own traits in them which is why they feel relatable to you. Or u thinking of the similar emotions & situation u have been through in life which makes u feel more connected to the one on screen.

Nonetheless, people feel "gandi wali emotional attachment" with
both of them because Sid & Sana are real AF!

They are the GOOD (which already know), don't lie, don't backstab their friends (like Asim), don't play the sympathy card (like Rashmi), don't character assassinate (like Paras), are humble (unlike Mahira), & mind their own
business (unlike Arti).

These are all the traits that would make any individual likeable & both of them have these traits + a platform like BB = BINGO!!!

Some connected to Sana because of her innocence & pure heart while some connected to her because of her strong
personality which pushes her to always stand for the right.
Some connected to Sidharth cuz of her fierce, IDGAF attitude (the angry young man/bad boy but with a good heart) while some connected to him cuz of the way he always stood by his opinions & his friends & strong logic
he exhibited at times.

All in all, they both exhibit likeable traits & were their true selves which made them unique amongst the rest.

Now some of the fans started liking them because of the romance element & then got to know about their personalities but at the end of the
day, it kind of became a mixture of both: the unique personalities + the love element.

Now coming to the #SidNaaz part & why people are so obsessed with it well, it is cuz watching two people fall in love is one of the most beautiful things in the world & this time it happened
to be captured through the 150+ cameras.
I had explained it once in my IG live & I'll try to explain the same thing now again we love #SidNaaz because;

a) We never really got to watch two true individuals fall in love through the eyes of 150 cameras

b) we lived the entire
journey with them.
We felt every emotion, every thought, every feeling cuz we privileged to watch & listen to their most private & vulnerable moments & conversations which made us all feel connected to them.

We had a great third-person perspective & it was like watching a
romance movie or reading a romance novel where the characters were relatable & in love.

Now what made them even more interesting was the fact that we got to witness the true human emotions in love which were unique in comparison to the typical love stories we are accustomed to
watch or read.

Yes, there are other couples who were shipped & have amazing chemistry like Deepveer or Virushka but did we spend 4 months watching them every single night on our television screen? Did we witness the fights or conflicts they had or the private moments they

Did we witness how people tried to break them apart or the tears & the pain they had in their eyes for the one they loved?

No, we didn't. But we witnessed it all for #SidNaaz

Their fights, their romance, their fun, their late-night talks, we just lived it all with

So, this is why people are obsessed with them because not only they & their love story is relatable (the imperfection we all share) but also because it made some of us believe in true love which is perhaps imperfect, unlike the perfect one we were used to watching or read
Besides, social media now play a huge part in the hype we have been obsessed with.
We have formed a sort of a virtual family where we all come, fight and share our thoughts tbh it is kind of additive.
Plus, the lockdown didn't help much either where people has nothing to
distract their selves with & we keep longing for more content. We are in the "Honeymoon" phase of of the shipping process (lmao I dunno if it makes sense).

P.s. a lot of people used/use #SidNaaz as an escape from the harsh realities of their lives because what it better than
watching a love story that makes u relive the emotions u felt while listening to a fairy tale as a young girl?

Oh & yes, this is why most of the shippers are females because females generally exhibit higher emotional intelligence than their counter male fellows (now don't @ me
on gender equality cuz I am only highlighting the diff in male & female psychology).

So yeah, before I finish writing it all (I wanna write more per dimagh ka dahi huwa pada hai abhi😑) just take a step back & think is it right to obsess over their every single move now that
BB has ended? Yes, I am talking about the excessive SNIT & sharing it all on our TL which only gives the sense of a weird obsession.

Nonetheless, SidNaaz was, is & will always be one the greatest

Love story we all have witnessed & learnt a lot from or at least I did.

So let us all them wish them well for making us all experience the amazing roller coaster ride with them & teaching us that;

Love is hard & so it was.

Thank for reading the thread, pls keep the Gayan on
who was right or wrong to urself or do the lole poche sh*t on ur own TL.

& yes, I forgot to add more picture + there are typos per ab kya karuin? Mar jauin?

p.s. a huge shoutout to @ShehnaazShukla for having one of the amazing collection of #SidNaaz pics.

K bye!
Hi @thecynthiadavid this one is for you!!!
Thank your for always loving & supporting me!!
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