Israel killed Ahmed Erekat on his way to his sister's wedding.

There is not a single moment of Palestinian life that isn't disrupted by this violent apartheid. There is no excuse. This man was killed for nothing more than being Palestinian.
I can't stop crying. On. His. Way. To his sister's wedding.

What was supposed to be the happiest day of her life is now the day her brother was murdered.

His life ended and their lives have been ripped apart.

This apartheid country is criminal.
I literally do not care about your "feelings" about Israel, Zionists. It's not about your fucking feelings. It's about the fact that Israel kills Palestinians with impunity for any reason whatsoever. It's the fact that the soldier who pulled that trigger will never be punished.
It's that there will never be justice for Palestinians under apartheid. Israel is already an apartheid state. Annexation isn't going to make it "more apartheid-y."

Ahmed Erekat should be alive and celebrating with his family and preparing for his wedding next month.
And then "Zioness" and all these other violently racist Israel supporters will come out and insert themselves into progressive causes and demand respect for their support for a country that murders people ON THEIR WAY TO WEDDINGS.

How you can live with yourself is beyond me.
How Zionists want to pretend it's about "defending Jews" and "protecting against antisemitism" is sick. That they'll come out and argue that this man was getting in a little terror against Jews on his way to his sister's wedding. Why didn't he just comply or whatever the fuck.
The project of dehumanizing Palestinians to the point that their deaths are just another thing that Zionists will defend as necessary and good, that there's nothing a Palestinian could possibly be doing that isn't inherently terroristic to Israel ... Well, it's telling.
It's telling! Palestinian lives are an inherent threat to Israel because Israel's status relies upon the oppression of Palestinians, the dehumanization of Palestinians.

I just ... my heart is shattered for his family.
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