THREAD: Time to talk this past month's war on statues. People began targeting them as a form of protest against what they see as racism.

But now Shaun King says Jesus is next 

And Trump said this earlier today 
So what better time to reflect on all the different incidents that led us up to this point?

I'm not going to get into the political weeds about whatever or not each individual statue vandalism/removal is justified. I want to get this whole thread done in under 100 tweets. Lol.
1.) May 28th (Louisville, Kentucky): Hand of the King Louis XVI statue ripped off. (video via )
2.) May 30th (Philadelphia): Statue of George Washington vandalized. (photo via )
3.) May 30th (Oxford, Mississippi): Confederate Statue on University of Mississippi campus vandalized. (photo via )
4.) May 30th (Pittsburgh): Mario Lemieux statue vandalized (photo via )
5.) May 30th (Charleston, South Carolina): Confederate Defenders Monument at the Battery in downtown Charleston vandalized. (video via )
6.) May 30th (Philadelphia): Statue of Frank Rizzo targeted during a BLM protest. (video via )
7.) May 31st (Birmingham, Alabama): Statue of Charles Linn torn down. (photo via )
^^ 7.) May 31st (Birmingham, Alabama): The moment when protesters tore down the Charles Linn monument. (video via )
8.) June 2nd (Alexandria, Virginia): Appomattox Confederate Statue taken down. Not by protesters, but by the city. (I'll show examples of cases where this happens as well.)

(photos via )
9.) June 3rd (Philadelphia): Statue of Frank Rizzo that I mentioned earlier in this thread is taken down. (photos via )
10.) June 3rd (Indian Embassy in Washington DC): Gandhi Statue vandalized. (photos via )
11.) June 4th (Mobile, Alabama): Statue of Raphael Semmes removed by the city. (photo via )
12.) June 4th (Ghent, Belgium): Statue of King Leopold II vandalized. (photos via )
15.) June 6th (Parliament Square, London): Abraham Lincoln statue vandalized or turned into a different kind of monument, depending on your interpretation. (video via )
16.) June 6th (Richmond, Virginia): Gen. Williams Carter Wickham statue torn down at Monroe Park. (video via )
^^16.) June 6th (Richmond, Virginia): AFTERMATH of Gen. Williams Carter Wickham statue being torn down. (video also via )
17.) June 7th (Parliament Square, London): Churchill statue vandalized by protesters. (video via )
18.) June 7th (Bristol, England): Statue of Edward Colston torn down by protesters and thrown into the nearby river. (video via )
19.) June 8th: "Colston's Girls' School in Montpelier had a smaller replica of the city centre Colston statue. But, after the statue of Colston in the city centre was toppled the school took "immediate" action to remove its statue."
20.) June 8th (Georgetown, Guyana): Statue of Queen Victoria vandalized. (photo via )
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