OK, taking a quick break from tweeting about the updated math curriculum to listen to the Minister talking about this.
Let me be clear:
Any time he says 'back-to-basics' it shows that he knows nothing about what good math teaching involves.
He has just said that students in Grade 1 will now learn about financial literacy. The Grade 1 expectation is to recognise coins and bills used in Canada.
Lecce is talking about the curriculum as if he himself has invented Math.
Someone needs to ask him how teachers are going to fit on all this extra PD bearing in mind all the extra-work that educators will be undertaking this September.
OK, so I have just seen @Sflecce 's tweet where he says that 'After a decade of stagnation...' This from someone who has not been in a public school, let alone a math classroom, nor worked with any math educators shows just how incompetent he is.
If he had been in any math classroom, or worked with any math educators, or listened intently to the authors of the curriculum or even read the curriculum, he would understand that a lot of what is in there is already happening in Ontario schools.
The high-impact practices detailed in the front matter of the curriculum bring to mind many of the Thinking Classrooms approach ( @pgliljedahl ) that so many educators are using to fantastic effect.
The front matter begins with the Importance and Beauty of Mathematics something I am convinced that the Minister would be unable to give any good examples of. And how could he? HE DOESN'T GO INTO ANY MATH CLASSROOMS!
Now, my view is that there is a lot of great stuff in the front matter of the curriculum and I can work with the overall expectations to deliver (or in my role, help educators deliver) an effective and enjoyable math learning experience for all students.
But remember, this review has been ongoing for a number of years. It has been authored by some fantastic educators from Ontario who have worked with and learned from and with Ontario math teachers and used this to create a much-needed updated Math curriculum.
But hearing the Minister blether on as if he himself wrote this reminds me of the student in a group who lets the others do all the work but then wants to get all the credit himself.
He needs to go.
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