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Infighting between the military wing of Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham and the "Be Steadfast" operations room led by Hurras al-Din has officially begun at the village of Arab Said, west of the city of Idlib.
Several civilian casualties reported in the area.
It has been strongly recommended that all brothers in the vicinity of the city of Idlib enter their homes immediately.
Very heavy gunfire is currently audible in the city of Idlib.
HTS is currently targeting the positions of the "Be Steadfast" operations room west of Idlib with heavy artillery and rapid machine gun fire.
Video of the clashes between HTS and an operations room led by Hurras al-Din and HTS defectors, in the city of Idlib.
The current battleground is the road between Idlib city and the western suburb of Arab Said. It seems the HTS military contigent in the checkpoints around Idlib is on the attacking side.
High alert for HTS security forces in the cities of Harem, Salqin, and Sarmada (I believe that is where Bilal was arrested)
Clashes in Idlib began after Hurras al-Din and HTS defectors failed to dismantle their checkpoint west of the city, which had been declared illegal. HTS security is now storming the checkpoint. No word on the other checkpoints yet (see the thread)
More footage of heavy gunfire which is audible in residential districts of Idlib city.
Reports that Hurras al-Din entered the village of Martin west of Idlib, stole about ten cars, and drove them to its checkpoint 
Despite what some say Turkistan Islamic Party is not currently involved in the fighting
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