I’m about to get real emotional guys. I have been a Mewlion and followed Mew and all his endeavors since WTD season 1. I have watched everything that went down and seen how hard it was for him and let me tell you nothing makes me more happy #CosmoXMewSuppasit
Then seeing someone so kind, gentle, loving, genuine and amazing person getting all the love, praise, and jobs. He deserves this so much. I am so happy that he is happy now. I am happy that people are seeing how phenomenal he truly is. He deserves it all.
He is so good at his work and gives his all 110% in whatever he does and that is all anyone in the business could ever ask for. It makes me so proud to be a Mewlion! Nothing is a bigger flex then watching someone so many people tried to tear down finally getting all the
Love and support he deserves. Mew, you are amazing. You deserve it all and I will continue supporting you in whatever else you choose to do in life. Thank you for showing Mewlions how to never give up on your dreams and waiting for what you deserve. I love you dearly ❤️
I also want to thank Gulf for being one of the reasons there is a smile on his face everyday. Wether you believe they are dating or you believe they are just friends..we can all agree that Gulf came into Mew’s life at such a crucial time for him. They have said it and I agree.
They were destined to meet. You can’t deny that Gulf genuinely loves Mew and cares for him. He takes care of him and puts a smile on his face. You can’t deny that. So thank you Gulf for Loving Mew and taking care of him as well. He is so caring to others and it is nice to know
There is someone by his side caring for him when he is sad or down and who cheers him up! I love you as well. You deserve all the love and support as well! ❤️ #MewGulf #MewSuppasit #GulfKanawaut #CosmoXMewSuppasit
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