To those elected officials who may be waffling on the flag, you and I both know that the current state flag will be changed at some point. It won’t survive very much longer. Your grandchildren will ask what did you do? Will you tell them that the pressure was just too much? 1/3
History has shown clearly that we must take the opportunities to do right when they appear. George Wallace spent years trying to blot out all he did in the 1960s and yet that’s what he’s most famous for. Don’t grow old trying to explain away your position on the state flag. 2/3
Rarely are any of us given the chance to rewrite our personal history at a moment of crisis. Many elected officials now have that moment. Use it. Don’t let it slip away. After the flag has changed, it’ll be too late to be courageous. History will already have been recorded. 3/3
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