“Budget officers showed up, sprung open brief cases, said this is fantastic, can we have addresses please? That’s when it all went awry.” Hear Blacklock’s Reporter @JohnGormleyShow on feds’ $57B infrastructure program. https://iono.fm/e/880626  @INFC_eng @cathmckenna #cdnpoli
2/ “MPs get very animated and with good reason. Last dep’t to send a manager to the penitentiary was the Dept of Public Works. It’s always on contracting.”
3/ Q: “Will the government turn this information over?” A:”They couldn’t keep it a secret forever if they wanted to.”
4/ “People subscribe to Blacklock’s Reporter and you can see why.” @INFC_eng @PSPC_SPAC @JusticeCanadaEN @cathmckenna @s_guilbeault @DavidLametti
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