Today a random thoughts came across my mind. Why we repeat the same mistakes? In my case I have fallen for trap three times, said goodbye to my self respect and then two three months of Mental disturbance and getting angry on very small futile things.(1/2)
Rebuking the one who deserves a lot more respect and done more work in their morning than what we have done in whole life. Know you you didn't mean that , you respect them but why this sense of frustration and anger comes. Even though there is not their fault we misbehave.
Aap chronology samjhye. First we make a mistake. Then we get frustration, anger, mental disturbance and then we do things that hurt the people who love us the most. Doesn't matter that you loved anyone so passionately. That doesn't give you the freedom to misbehave with your
Loved ones. Just want to say to anyone who is reading this thread and to myself before getting affected by someone mentally think about the struggle through Which your parents have gone through to give you a better life. So I promise and you should also promise that you will
Not get affected by a person who is as useless as your naile in your life. And will think twice before saying anything to your parents that might hurt them. Peace out
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