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Todays marks my 10th year of my fight against #ClimateChange. It has been a decade of extreme hardship, full of failures professionally (nothing to show on success), lost my health in between (touched yamaloka and came back)++
and regained back, then educated myself amidst all this on #ClimateChange. I have done nothing but only this in my life so far. The odds are always against me wherever I go, cos #ClimateChange is disrupting/changing existing systems and ppl do not like that. Key challenges++
were to find a course that suits my expectations, mobilise finance, find a job that helps me fight #ClimateChange. I have been fighting on multiple fronts, like awareness thru social media, developing engineering projects thru my job, ++
having a sustainable/low carbon lifestyle. Personally I use only public transport and have a vegetarian diet to reduce my #carbonfootprint, started my own company on renewable energy in India, which ofcourse failed.But my enthusiasm and belief in climate science has ++
not changed one bit. You are basically going against the tide and trying to bring a paradigm shift in the way we produce and consume things. It is very easy to get lost when you are in it.Innovation was a consequence of my pursuit for climate change mitigation.I could never++
discuss it with others as very few would relate with me, including my own relations, who were coercing me to join other industries. You may delay it and make it worse for yourself, cannot deny it.But the next decade,I feel things will be easier for me,as there will be more++
awareness and the world will be more sensitive to this issue the spark to fight climate change came, when I joined my first job, I loved it so much that I did not want to do anything else. May be I am lucky? Not sure. I have science and Modiji on my side, when it comes to ++
climate change, and this gives me immense confidence & hope.Lastly, do forgive me for my anger/outrage against some ppl on climate issues, nothing personal, it is just for argument sake. I am sure you will understand it.Let us see where all of it is going to end.Thank you🙏😊
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