This is the most important article that you'll read today!

I promise U if U take the time
2 read this & do what I say it'll change all!
We've been distracted!
All we need 2 do is increase
Repub voter participation!

We can do that here!
We have a purpose!
Organize get this done!
Patriots we've been distracted!
I admit I've fell 4 the grand
illusion 2.
There's so many bouncing
balls 2 watch we've lost our
way & purpose;
Wuhan Virus
Purposeful unemployment!
What's our purpose here...
2 organize our vote!
Admit it what Democrats
have done is brilliant...
Ugly but brilliant!
They've done so on Twitter
& all social media platforms;
The narrative's that U don't
matter! Your vote's nothing!
But it's a lie... An illusion!
It means everything!
We've been segregated;
Good! Now use that!
It's so damn obvious!
Patriots share this thread
far & wide please!
Retweet it big time!
What's the narrative been on
the mainstream media?
Elections don't matter!
Forget 2016 it's not legitimate!
What won us the last election? We voted! We didn't have unity but we voted! Get it!
Oh Patriots please wall out
the distractions & listen!
Look at the distractions!
Statues - Ripped down!
Criminals - Released in
public! The CHOP annex!
The rise of BLWhatever &
ANTIFA! All 4 what folks...
2 keep U fm remembering
our victory! We're more
united than b4! Know this!
Do U want proof?
Here it is!
Repub approval of Trump at
the election was 70%...
Dem approval was 89%...
The numbers now?
Trump 95%!
Dems still at maybe 89%?
That's a 25% increase on
the right! That's huge!
That's a 25% increase on
our side! Not 2 mention
we're much bigger now!

Relax Boss;
We got this!
We figured it out!
It's all a distraction fm
the truth!
2016 your approval by a
smaller repub base was
70%. Dem approval was
89% with a larger base!
The number have changed!
We're bigger!
We now stand at 95%
Dems at 89%
We got this Sir!

Gentlemen we've been
distracted... It's true.
Read the thread.

In 2016 we had less funds.
Less unity & Less Patriots!
On the left... The opposite!
In 2020 it's the opposite!
We've been distracted!
Tell the Patriots this!
Patriots what did we learn fm this thread today?

We've been distracted!

Folks are going 2 do what
folks are going 2 do right?

We're not going 2 convince
a guy crapping on a cop car
2 vote 4 Trump!

It's Repubs we must convince
2 show up & vote!

Stats prove our path 2 Victory!
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