OK, I'll have a stab at Black Lives Matter vs White Lives Matter (and All Lives Matter).
"BLM" has 'landed' across society because BLs still don't seem to matter as much as WLs i.e. "BLM" arises precisely because its opposite appears true (backed by a ton of evidence)
"WLM" and "ALM" are of course strictly accurate phrases. No one can argue with them on a technical level, and no one is. Every life matters as much as every other, but again that is why "BLM" has gained such traction - in daily life, it appears untrue so in need of correction.
So "BLM" is implicitly “Black Lives ALSO Matter” (as much as White Lives.

To therefore focus on "WLM"/"ALM" is to (a) miss the point (b) dilute the core BLM message (c) appear to not understand or to wilfully misunderstand the BLM message.
Therefore, it is not unnatural to suspect the worst motives among WLM and ALM supporters – denial that there is a problem here i.e. denying the existence of racism against non-Whites.
“Yes but all lives really do matter; just calling out black lives is racism.”

On that logic, pointing out any differences in how races are treated is “racism” and anything to fix the poorer treatment of one race will also be racism. Potty.
"Yes but BLM (the organisation) are Marxists trying to overthrow capitalism".

Whether true or not, this shows no understanding of what drives "BLM". In other words, you are focusing on a secondary point that's absurdly unlikely to play out. Looks like denial again.
In short, if you appear to deny "BLM” (and keep pointing to other secondary distractions) then you effectively deny that racism against black people still exists throughout society, when it undoubtedly does. Which is why you'll be treated with suspicion and maybe even contempt.
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