If one group can take down a statue of Jackson, others can topple one of Dr. King.

The right way to do this is to petition your local gov't, and demonstrate and vote if you don't like their answer. Your perceived righteousness is not license to smash whatever you don't like.
I'm for lawfully removing every statue built to honor traitors who fought for slavery. Confederate generals belong in museums and history books, not in a place of honor in the public square or in the Capitol.
I would strongly oppose removing Jefferson and Washington, who gave us the institutions and ideas we still use to fight for justice in America; we honor them despite their sins, not because of them.
But whether you agree or not, remember we are fighting for the rule of law in America. Might does not make right, whether your power comes from temporarily occupying the White House or temporarily having superior numbers on the street. Forgetting that is a gift to Trump.
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