I’m about to teach a master class on branding and marketing.
Starting here, if you’re going to rip someone’s IP or idea, make sure you secure yours first.

Someone sent me the below... look familiar?

That’s what I said.

Now everyone go to http://trapcronym.com .
Their original game, Trap Spelling Bee is actually GOOD.

But what happens so often is we create something & before we give it the time to fully cook, we see someone else’s plate & we throw another pot on the stove.

Give your idea time (and energy) to mature before you pivot.
That said, Rule #1: Secure your domains and your social handles before you launch a product.

Rule #2: Don’t rip someone else’s IP (ever). Especially if you overlooked rule #1. Otherwise your new product becomes their free marketing.

Class dismissed (for now).
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