A thread of my #BishGang
(i do it only for my special gcs 😌, Did once for my gang and now for the squad❤)
Ps. i prefer mahila mandal over bishgang nd tbh i hate d namin part bt it makes it easier for me to find their clownery under #BishGang nd catchup since i m nt active much
Starting frm the most active ,and hardworking member who makes sure tht everyone is using the hashtag !!
She is also one of the most awsome members ! Amna [email protected] 😙❤
Next is big time delulu and shipper miss madihaa
Inka ek hi raag h :
"Sab bhadwe h bc saale "
The mOsT pOsiTiVe member !🙂🙃
The logical queens taaru and priya !!
Their logics are undeniable and also absolutely ignored in a gc of clowns 🤡
but they still try 😌❤
@Sassytaaru @Priya_805202
The shipper squad : @AyushiBS , @Mind_Na_Kari @Areejeyyyy Saman,
They ignore all logics and facts thrown their way , and end with :
Sidnaaz sath h aur khush h 🤡💙
Kudos to them for managing in a gc of sidra , sidhira , asinaaz , aidmanshi ,and whtnot shippers 😌❤
Then comes the sunny deols of gc joh border sambhalte h , kuki nt everyone can stay inside gc , tl ki bhi khabar chaiye hoti h 😶❤
Anchal , mehwish , prekshi , also saman , areez @SanaShruuu handle this 🙂
Then the cutest ppl in the gc who can never offend anyone and are mostly part of non BB bs , which is alot 😁❤
sarikaa , nimmo , naaz , shreya
The lost member , these praani are only found on the tl
@drapetomania_00 , @mujhekyamatlab @Snuggly_chic
Full sport to #BishGang
Karishma , the gyaanj baba :
"Sab chup mko kuch bolna h"
"m nhi bol rhi "
"sun bhi lo "
"haye sana kitni"
"aachi lag "
"rhi thi "
this praanj loves cat and doing gulu gulu with @SanaMyBaby
Adult mahoul rakhte h 🙈
Safu half the time is like :
"harami ka kya matlb hot h"
"poty ka kya gender hota h "
"iska kya matlb hota h "🤡
She is inter planetary member ,joining us all the way frm plutu !
Also "hatt mujhe koi pyaar nhi krta yha "
someone let her know in her language how much i luv her🤧❤
@steffy_cyril and janii are quite possesive abt the name , and the sole reason why we have it !
Cause she wanted it !!
A very active member indeed 🤧😌❤
@Ayesha39163177 and me are like :
guys i m back !
ok guys i m going 😭😭😭😂❤
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