Y’all need to realize what’s happening... White fauxgressives are trying to take out the CBC & they’re big mad they have agency and aren’t supporting their JD candidate who’s pushing white populism. We saw this w/ white MAGOTS & John James. They’re so racist they think they can
Package up white populism and have a Black candidate sell it to us BECAUSE they think we’re low information & will vote for him Bc he’s Black. That’s exactly what’s going on. They’re trying to take out Black leadership by discrediting them. Emma Vigeland, a WHITE Woman, wrote a
thread coming for the CBC Bc they didn’t endorse a Black candidate pushing white populism. They think Black leadership has no agency. Then she threatened their seats. They’re trying to use our youth to take them out. We need to keep Educating our kids about how dangerous these
Ppl are. Once the CBC is gone, we lose all that seniority and all the representatives who are truly there to work for our communities. I was represented by a CBC member most of my life and now I have a Justice Democrat, Rashida. We went from numerous legislative accomplishments
To having a social media influencer with zero bills passed. Not one JD who wasn’t already serving has gotten anything passed. Not one. #ElliotEngel Has shown he values our lives on a GLOBAL level and miss me w/ that out of context hot mic bullsh*t. He’s right voters should know
His position Bc he has a primary coming up. #NY16 isn’t just about Jamaal Bowman v Elliot Engel.. this is a fight for the soul of Congress. The CBC. They wanna use this to discredit them. The racism I’ve seen coming from #KKKBerners on threads about the CBC is truly disgusting.
They really think they speak for Black ppl. They want to elect paternalistic ppl like that and they think they can hide behind the fact that he’s Black. The CBC doesn’t endorse lightly & when they speak.. I listen. We walk on the shoulders of giants. Please take this from someone
Who went from having John Conyers to twitter fingers Rashida. We need to stop them Bc they are trying to take out Black leadership & want to use this election to discredit our leaders. They think Black voters are the obstacle to their white utopia and they haven’t been shy about
Wanting to replace us with Joe Rogan types. This isn’t just about Elliot v Jamaal; this is about racist white fauxgressives using Jamaal 2 pit our youth against us so they can exercise their paternalistic control over us. Meemaw isn’t a true ally which is why she doesn’t see this
Meemaw just saw a Black candidate she could put her name behind & she doesn’t care this is a plan to use this to take out Black leaders. They want to declare them “out of touch,” and claim they know what we want more than our own Black leaders do. Meemaw signed on Bc she doesn’t
GAF about is or our communities. She’s Not the one who has to deal with JD’s who do nothing as we’re dying. Stay vigilant y’all. Vote for Elliot Engel #Elliottwave #NY16 #NYC #NYPrimary
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