Women in Hinduism- ( A refutation).

See who is back, attention seeking cut-carrot with his love for english translations.

In this thread I will show how ignorant someone can be. https://twitter.com/Gumnaam_Rehnuma/status/1274846576884641792
First evidence from Shatpath, this Id!ot did not even try to read the full context.

This context is about a particular Vrata of 3 nights, during that Vrata looking at women was prohibited, and to think only Ishwar as ultimate Truth
Other worldly things are Untruth like Dog, crows, women etc. In context of a particular Vrata these are certain rules there is NO insult to women here.
He just searched on google, he did not even try to see the context. Same with all other allegation, let's see the level of ignorance he is in
Allegation on Sati Pratha, (self Immolation)

I have written a whole thread on it https://twitter.com/VedicWisdom1/status/1274336739687952387?s=19
Again Junaid Failed to see the context, This rule is for BRAHMCHARIS go and see and chapter of Manusmriti.

Brahmcharis are told that their mind will be corrupted (wrong thoughts etc) so they need to be careful around women
( for example I call every girl I meet as sister)
But how will you understand? Those who dream of 72 Hoors can't understand Brahmcharya.
Next Verse from Same Chapter, Rules for Brahmchari, Not to be alone in a room with even with relatives sit with them or touch them.
Rules for Brahmcharis, cut-carrots won't understand.
Again Junaid Failed to read the context, read this Shloka with 9.101

अन्योन्यस्याव्यभिचारो भवेदामरणान्तिकः ।एष धर्मः समासेन ज्ञेयः स्त्रीपुंसयोः परः ।।9/101

It says wife and husband should stay together TILL DEATH. Claim about abandonment contradicts this.
There are many examples where he just fails to understand the context, Like this one go and read a verse before to know in which condition this rule is to be followed. This rule is for a specific condition of husband and wife.
Now this is the funny part, The verse (and previous one) talks about cheating with husband with another man (व्यभिचार) (Adultery)

Do Junaid supports Adultery? Maybe he does that's why he got so hurt.
I have refuted his Claims in Shatpath and Smriti texts, Now I will refute claims on Puranans.
But it is clear till now that Junaid is so ignorant that neither he can understand the context nor he can read properly.
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