Every human is vulnerable at individual level.

Let's do a thought experiment.

What if coronavirus is deadly like Ebola with 80% fatality rate?

And if chennai is announced as hotspot for COVID, will everyone stay here?
It's a survival behaviour of every animal that it tends to run towards territorial region where they think it's safe. Eg: Birds fly towards safety when there's an earthquake

Humans are no different. We are social beings who wants a family, a tribe, a community to belong.

And all humans have their individual economy level. Few have homes and many live on rented houses.

If your economy level hits you hard with a brick and with a deadly disease at the back, will people stay in Chennai or even I can ask - Will it be right to stay in chennai?

It's totally not a fair point to blame people who left Chennai. It's survival instinct and it's right thing to do if not infected

If you closely analyse the economy of people who are blaming

1. They live in their own house
2. They have inherited money (Not earned)
The point of me posting this thread is totally out of frustration. Concluding points are

1. Have empathy over people
2. Think from the shoes of people who left
3. Blamers - You need to get a life, because you don't own Chennai
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